Brighton vs Tottenham highlights as Romero and Kane score in victory

Wednesday, March 16, 2022
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Watch the Brighton vs Tottenham highlights here. We have got a goal by Kane and a blatant penalty by Romero. This is a thrilling match and there are some key moments to look out for. Both goals were deflected off the line and scored by Romero. This is the only goal to come from a corner. Both goals were very much undeserved. Despite the 2-1 scoreline‚ this game is still close and fans should keep an eye out for it. Spurs have won their last three games and are now in seventh place in the Premier League. They're unbeaten in their last six league games and have now won six. It's the first time that Tottenham have beaten Brighton in a Premier League match. Their two goals were tallied by Cristian and Harry Kane. The goal by Kane was the second most impressive away goal in Premier League history. Despite the win‚ Tottenham have now won five of their last six matches. A touch of luck goes a long way in deciding a winner.

brighton vs tottenham highlights as romero and kane score in victory
Image source : e0365dmc

Tottenham's opening goal came through a bit of luck. Kulusevski's effort hit a defensive post and struck Cristian‚ leaving Tottenham keeper Robert Sanchez wrongfooted. It was a great strike by the Italian forward. However‚ this game has been far from easy for Spurs. Both teams have conceded a lot of possession in the attack and have struggled to break down their opponents.