Britney Spears says that she had a miscarriage

Sunday, May 15, 2022
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Britney Spears Says She Had a Miscarriage Early in Her Pregnancy

Britney Spears has confirmed that she had a miscarriage early in her pregnancy with her fiance‚ Sam Asghari. Last month‚ she announced that she is expecting her first child. Spears shares teenage sons Preston and Jayden with her ex-husband‚ Kevin Federline. The pop singer now wants control of her life without a conservatorship. However‚ what exactly happened?

Britney Spears says she lost a baby early in her pregnancy with fiance Sam Asghari

After announcing her pregnancy with fiance Sam Asghari on Instagram earlier this month‚ Britney Spears said she had lost a baby. Despite the news‚ Spears' fans are still incredibly supportive. She explained that she had lost the child on Instagram‚ and thanked them for their support. She has two other sons‚ Jaxon and Kevin‚ from her marriage to Kevin Federline. Spears announced her loss on May 14‚ a little more than two months after announcing her pregnancy with Asghari. She'd first announced that she was pregnant on April 11th‚ but then later told fans that she'd lost the baby. Spears claimed that she was mistakenly preggers and that she'd been unable to remove the IUD on her own. Spears' birth control method was deemed illegal while she was under conservatorship‚ but that's all changed now. Although Spears was under a conservatorship for 13 years‚ she has since come out of that and announced that she and Asghari had become engaged. Asghari was Spears' personal trainer. Spears and Asghari met on the set of Slumber Party in 2016. The couple got engaged last September‚ and Britney Spears joked that her proposal to Asghari was way overdue. Spears had become engaged to Asghari in September 2021‚ but was still under conservatorship when she announced her engagement to Asghari. The conservatorship ended in November 2021‚ and she spoke out against it. During the court hearings‚ Spears said that she wanted another child but was prevented by birth control. During the trial‚ she said: I'm so scared to have a child. In court to end her 13-year conservatorship‚ Spears explained that she was desperate for a child and a marriage. She also revealed that she had an IUD that she wanted removed‚ but Asghari's team had refused to make the appointment for her. Regardless of what the reason was‚ she said she was determined to have a child and a baby with her fiance.

Spears shares teenage sons Jayden and Preston with ex-husband Kevin Federline

Despite her acrimonious divorce from Kevin Federline‚ singer Britney Spears is still enjoying her sons' company. In the midst of a conservatorship battle‚ the singer has resorted to sharing pictures of her sons on social media. She has also posted videos of her sons on Instagram‚ calling herself a typical proud skate mom. Spears‚ who has two teenage sons with ex-husband Kevin Federline‚ has said that her children have a strong musical foundation. While it is unclear how often she'll be sharing pictures of her teenage sons‚ Britney Spears has revealed a photo of her family and her Australian Shepherd‚ Sawyer‚ on her Instagram account. While her teenage sons aren't usually in the spotlight‚ Britney's children seem to be doing just fine. In October‚ the singer shared sweet memories of her kids‚ while in February‚ she posted a photo of her sons with her ex-husband's friend‚ Eddie Morales. The two kids also flashed peace signs to fans‚ showing that they're still close to their mother. The singer also regularly shares pictures of her sons' artwork on social media. The singer has mentioned in the past that her sons prefer privacy‚ but this does not seem to be the case. Despite their preference for privacy‚ they've shared a few social media photos and videos. But fans want to know which son is the artist. With their adoration from the public‚ fans are eager to find out. While the couple had a long and happy marriage‚ their problems eventually boiled over. Britney and Kevin shared custody of the boys 70/30. The boys spent most of their time with Kevin while Britney has unsupervised custody. The boys have been largely out of the spotlight‚ but Britney shared pictures of them on Instagram in September. However‚ the two kids don't want to upset the status quo. The singer and her ex-husband Kevin Federline share custody of the two teenage sons. The pair divorced in 2007 and agreed on a 50/50 shared custody arrangement. In September 2019‚ Kevin Federline received seventy percent of the children while Spears had thirty percent. Britney Spears has spoken publicly about her feelings about the children and their father's custody. The two separated parents continue to share custody of their teenage sons. She was awarded 70 percent custody and the right to visit them up to twice a week‚ and she also received one overnight visit a week. But‚ there are some complications. Britney Spears' father filed for a conservatorship‚ but the conservatorship ended on November 12. While the two children remain under K-Fed's custody‚ Britney Spears isn't making it easy for him. After the divorce‚ she allegedly shaved her head‚ attacked a photographer‚ and broke the law. Eventually‚ a judge granted Federline full custody of the boys‚ but Britney was not pleased. She even locked herself in her bathroom with Jayden after a bizarre four-hour standoff.

Spears wants control of her life back without conservatorship

A New York Times article reports that Britney Spears's legal team is investigating Jamie Spears's administration of Britney Spears's estate. Spears' legal team has raised objections to his payments to her former business manager in recent years. Additionally‚ they are investigating a Times report claiming that Spears' security team bugged her bedroom and monitored her communications. If they find evidence of misconduct by Spears‚ Britney Spears's legal team says they will file a lawsuit. In a nutshell‚ Britney Spears wants to take control of her life again without a conservatorship. Her legal team argues that Britney's conservatorship is damaging to her interests. Conservatories limit a person's ability to learn‚ grow and advocate for themselves. Consequently‚ they also make it harder to defend themselves against abuse or neglect. A conservatorship is not a cure-all. The conservatorship imposed on Britney Spears has been in place for 13 years. The conservatorship allows Britney to be under the control of others‚ which can include her father. Britney Spears has produced four albums‚ headlined a global tour that grossed over 101 million dollars‚ and performed four years in a Las Vegas residency. Since then‚ Britney has had conservators who have limited her spending and communications. Last month‚ Spears' attorney Jamie Spears offered to step down as the conservator. However‚ Rosengart has refused to step down. Jamie Spears also suggested that Penny could order an end to the conservatorship without further psychiatric testing‚ which was seen as a barrier to formally dissolving the arrangement. While the position of Jamie Spears is not conclusive‚ the conservatorship appears to have reached the endgame. The father of Britney Spears has asked a probate court to end the conservatorship‚ a court-appointed legal guardian. Britney has been in conservatorship for 13 years and she has been fighting for this freedom. The conservatorship has forced Britney Spears to suspend her career in order to gain more control over her life. Jamie Spears believes Britney is capable of handling her life on her own. The recent New York Times article revealed new evidence that Jamie Spears is abusing Britney Spears. Moreover‚ the New Yorker article revealed that Jamie Spears had been physically and emotionally abusive. Jamie Spears' behavior in the conservatorship resembled spy movies‚ with Britney Spears playing the part of a spy. Despite Jamie Spears' abrasive behavior‚ Britney Spears has actively sought a divorce from her conservatorship. On Thursday‚ June 13‚ 2019‚ ten people from Spears' management team met to discuss matters pertaining to her business affairs. During this meeting‚ they also discuss song-license requests and social media posts. The social media team is led by CrowdSurf. The company handles Britney's social media accounts and uploads them. Although the organization has many concerns regarding the conservatorship‚ they are sensitive to the case because it involves Britney Spears.