Brooklyn Center agrees to $3.25 Million for the family of daunte-wrights

Wednesday, June 22, 2022
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Police officers are under scrutiny for shooting and killing 20-year-old Daunte Wright last April. A traffic stop led to the fatal shooting. Police officers stopped Wright after noticing his license tabs were expired and an air freshener dangling from his rearview mirror. The two infractions were common in Minnesota. Police officers have been trained to stop drivers who violate traffic laws‚ but Potter's actions were out of proportion to the infractions Wright committed.

Brooklyn Center‚ Minnesota has offered to pay $3.25 Million to Daunte Wright's family. Daunte was shot and killed in his home by an unknown gunman. Convicted Police officer and family lawyers said Tuesday. Lawyers for Wright said that the $3.25million settlement agreement was not final and would also incorporate changes to policies regarding police. Wright's parents Arbuey and Katie Wright released a statement saying that they hope Brooklyn Center residents‚ especially Black families and people of color feel more secure now because the city is making changes to settle our claims. After a traffic stop on April 11‚ 2021 in which Daunte Wright was stopped‚ Kim Potter‚ then-Brooklyn Center officer‚ fatally shot her. Wright was pulled over by police for not having tags or an aerosol can hanging from his rearview mirror. Officers attempted to arrest Wright for an outstanding misdemeanor weapon warrant. Wright got back into the car‚ and they had a short struggle. Potter yelled taser! Wright was killed when she fired her gun at Wright.

Two years sentence for a former police officer in the death of Daunte Wayne

Kim Potter was convicted in Minnesota of manslaughter for the death Duante Wright. She received a sentence of two years. This is lower than the recommended guidelines. Wright's mother claimed that her son was murdered by the justice system again. In December‚ Potter‚ now 50‚. Was found guilty a jury of manslaughter in the first degree and a judge on February sentenced her to two years in prison. According to Wrights' lawyers‚ settlement will not be completed until an agreement has been reached regarding changes in police training and policies. According to the lawyers‚ they anticipate that those changes will include traffic stops as well as training in implicit bias‚ weapons confusion‚ and de-escalation. Brooklyn Center did not respond immediately to Tuesday's request for comment. Brooklyn Center is located in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis.

daunte wright <strong>Brooklyn Center</strong> family attorneys kim potter police policies agrees to 3 25 million for the of daunte wrights

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