Bruins acquire defenceman Hampus Lindholm from Ducks

Sunday, March 20, 2022
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The Bruins have added a defensive specialist to their roster with the acquisition of Hampus Lindholm from the Anaheim Ducks. He is a 9-year veteran and a two-time All-Star. He will be a perfect fit with Charlie McAvoy‚ who is a top-10 defenseman in the league. With a strong frame and great skating ability‚ Lindholm will be an excellent match for his younger teammate. With a prorated $5.2 million salary‚ Lindholm will be an immediate top-pairing defenseman for the Bruins. He will most likely play next to Charlie McAvoy‚ who is expected to take his spot in the fourth line. With the addition of Lindholm‚ the Bruins are bolstered on the left side. At 6-foot-4‚ 216 pounds‚ he is a solid shutdown blueliner who can match up with the opposing top line. The Bruins also acquired AHL defenseman Kodie Curran‚ who is likely to be assigned to Providence. Although the Bruins have not officially made a formal offer for Lindholm‚ they are still seeking a trade partner. Among the options are a 1st-round pick this year and a second-rounder in 2022. The Bruins are also in the process of negotiating a deal for a young blueline prospect. This could be the best option for the Bruins to get a top-end defender in the market. While the Bruins have not officially made a deal for Lindholm‚ they have expressed their interest in keeping him after the season. In return for the Swedish defenseman‚ the Bruins have offered the Ducks a first-round pick this year‚ a second-rounder in 2023‚ and a pick in 2024. In addition to this‚ the Ducks have agreed to give Lindholm a rental or a two-year contract extension‚ and two future draft picks. As the Ducks prepare to trade Lindholm to the Bruins‚ the Ducks should be careful not to overpay for him. A two-year extension for the defenceman is another way to keep him in the organization. The deal is expected to be finalized in the offseason. If all goes well‚ the Bruins will be able to sign him. While the Ducks have not yet publicly declared the deal‚ they have offered a 2nd round pick this year and a player's option to re-sign him. The Bruins have not made a formal offer for Hampus Lindholm‚ but they have made a few unofficial trades. The Ducks have offered the Bruins a first-round pick this year and a second-rounder in 2023‚ and have even offered to extend Lindholm's contract to them for a young player on their roster. These are all reasonable offers for the player. The Bruins have a lot of holes in their defense. By adding Hampus Lindholm from the Ducks‚ the Bruins are adding a key piece of depth on the left side. The Bruins also have a top-four defenseman in Charlie McAvoy and a backup goaltender in Kodie Curran.

bruins acquire defenceman hampus lindholm from ducks
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In the meantime‚ the two teams will have to make do with a lack of depth on the right side. The Bruins have added defenceman Hampus Lindholm from the Ducks. The Ducks have offered a first-round pick in 2020‚ a second-round pick in 2024‚ and a third-rounder this year. Boston has not made an official offer for Lindholm‚ but has made several offers. The Ducks have offered a young player on a rental basis and an extension. The Boston Bruins have added defenceman Hampus Lindholm to their roster in a deal with the Anaheim Ducks. The deal was originally reported by TSN's Kevin Weekes and was made official at 6:30 p.m. The Ducks will pay half of Lindholm's salary‚ while the Bruins will pay the remaining half. This move is not a surprise as the Bruins are trying to win another title before the current core of players starts aging. As a result of the trade‚ the Bruins have acquired defenceman Hampus Lindholm from the Ducks. The former Anaheim Ducks top-six player was ranked No. 3 on the TFP Trade Watch List. The trade also included AHL defenseman Kodie Curran. These two players are likely to join Providence‚ but their futures are unclear. In the meantime‚ the Bruins have traded for three-year-old center Josh Manson.