Bullpen implosion dooms Cincinnati Reds in 10-5 loss to Cleveland

Wednesday, April 13, 2022
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Bullpen Implosion Dooms Cincinnati Reds in 10-5 Loss to Cleveland

The Bullpen imploded on the Cincinnati Reds in a 10-5 loss to Cleveland on Tuesday night. After an impressive 4-run sixth inning in which Tyler Naquin hit a long home run and Phil Castellini had a public relations nightmare‚ the Reds Bullpen imploded in the ninth inning‚ giving up six runs and two home runs.

Tyler Mahle's tough

The tough Bullpen implosion that didomed the Reds' season began early in Wednesday's game. Mahle was unable to get his control back in the early going‚ giving up two runs on three hits in the first inning to Jose Ramirez and Cesar Hernandez. But as the game progressed‚ Mahle settled in and only allowed one hit in the top of the third inning. He then struck out the next two batters and set down the Indians in order for the rest of the game. Mahle was charged with four runs and two walks in four innings of work against the Indians. He did strike out four while walking two and striking out four. Compared to Mahle's career 4.38 FIP‚ neither starter will be changing teams. However‚ the tough Bullpen implosion has led to speculation that other players may be traded. The Reds had a chance to win the game in the third inning‚ but their pitcher's tough luck proved to be too much for them. Mahle allowed Oscar Mercado to reach base after a dropped third strike. Then‚ the next hitter bounced a comebacker to the mound and Mahle could not corral it. That was the difference between winning and losing the game. A three-year deal between the Mets and the Reds seems to make perfect sense. Mahle is currently under team control and is due to reach free agency after the 2023 season. His 3.75 ERA and 3.76 FIP over three seasons is a solid performance‚ so the Reds may consider pursuing him. The Toronto Blue Jays were sniffing around him and should look at his availability.

Strickland's exit

The Reds made a surprising move Monday‚ removing starter Aaron Strickland from the Bullpen after a 10-5 loss to the Cleveland Indians. Strickland is a one-time closer for the Giants and rose to prominence as their setup man in the 2014 World Series. He was on his way out of the big leagues after the series but came back to revive his career in 2021. He had stops with the Angels‚ Rays and Brewers‚ and finished with a 4.16 ERA and a 14.9% grounder rate. After starting the game with Eugenio Suarez and Tyler Naquin‚ Strickland was called on to pitch the ninth inning. He worked a scoreless seventh inning‚ walking one and striking out one. After being lifted‚ Strickland struck out Jose Barrero and forced Steven Gray to foul out. The Cincinnati Reds Bullpen has been strong lately‚ with several starters struggling to keep up with the Reds' hitters. After allowing a run in their Opening Day game‚ the Cincinnati Reds Bullpen has a history of making trouble for the Reds. The Reds' Bullpen allowed a run for the 21st time in a row. In addition‚ the Reds also injured closer Lucas Sims. As a result‚ the Reds have been cautious with Raisel Iglesias after his meltdown on Monday. With no home runs‚ the Reds' offense struggled to rally. The Reds' Bullpen went into the 9th inning with a four-run lead. After Strickland's exit from the bullpen‚ the Reds' Bullpen imploded after giving up two home runs and six runs. The team's public relations nightmare is far from over.

Byrd's arrival

The Reds were in trouble when the Phillies acquired veteran slugger Marlon Byrd from the Cleveland Indians. Byrd‚ who spent most of his career with the Yankees‚ was assigned to left field‚ where he excelled. His presence has prompted some to wonder if Byrd's arrival will make the Reds better. On Opening Day‚ the Cincinnati Reds were a shadow of their former selves. Then‚ the COVID-19 pandemic forced the Reds to lose their season opener. Even though the team battled back from a 4-0 deficit to tie the game in the sixth inning‚ the loss still leaves the Reds with a 2-4 record. The team's mid-season collapse was a direct result of injuries. After the season ended‚ the Reds went on to finish third in the NL Central. The team's offense also lacked the production of the 2010 season. Meanwhile‚ the Reds' pitcher Roy Halladay shut down the number one offense in the National League. Byrd's arrival didomed the Reds' chances in the World Series. In addition to Byrd's injury‚ the Reds' star power waned after Byrd's arrival. The Reds' championship team‚ nicknamed the Big Red Machine from 2000 to 2008‚ finished second to the New York Giants‚ and were swept by the Yankees in the World Series. They had been the first NL team to repeat as champions since 1921-22. The Cincinnati Reds have been the charter members of the National League since 1876. The club was founded by sports editor O. P. Caylor‚ who had unsuccessfully attempted to wrest control of the team from St. Louis Browns' owner‚ Chris Von Der Ahe. The Reds were happy to accept the new team. However‚ the Reds' name was shortened to the Reds and sold beer at the game. The team began the 1890s wandering‚ signing up aging veterans and local stars as players.

Castellano's grand slam

Nick Castellano's grand sl am is the highlight of a game-high six-run second inning‚ but the Reds fell ten innings short against the Phillies. After trailing 4-2 in the makeup game‚ the Reds needed a hit to turn the scoreboard in their favor and Castellanos delivered with a four-run dinger. The Reds' offense has holes‚ and their pitching staff has a rough patch. The team hasn't won a road game since April 25‚ a span of 22 games. Castellanos‚ meanwhile‚ has a hot streak. His 14-game win streak dates back to last July‚ when he hit a career-high 137 wRC+. Ramirez has also hit 15 homers in 72 games‚ making his decision to sign him all the more logical. After the game‚ St. Louis Cardinals manager Mike Shildt asked the umpires to check Nick Castellano's bat. As he walked out of the dugout‚ he handed over his bat to the crew chief. The umpires conducted a replay review and decided that the bat did not affect Castellano's grand slam. The Reds scored six runs in the eighth inning against the Philadelphia Phillies bullpen. Suarez led off the game with a walk. Tyler Stephenson followed with a single. Kyle Farmer then tried to bunt but was hit by Enyel De Los Santos. Castellanos then hit a double down the left field line‚ scoring on a wild pitch. In a previous game between the two teams‚ the Reds were down by five runs after an in-order seventh inning. After that‚ Kyle Farmer led off the eighth inning with a single and doubled. After his single‚ Jake Fraley attempted to steal second base‚ but failed to pick up the ball and was caught by a throw back to first.

Strickland's struggles

Hunter Strickland was a one-time closer for the Giants before rising to prominence as a setup man during the 2014 World Series. After a few years of struggling‚ he looked like he was headed for the Bullpen door before returning in 2021 to revive his career. While he did have stops with the Rays‚ Angels and Brewers‚ his overall numbers were mediocre. He went 0 for 6 in four appearances in April‚ but that was not enough to keep him from earning his third win of the season. Despite his poor performance‚ he has been on a streak of eight scoreless innings since being called up in late May. The Reds' Bullpen struggles continued in the bottom of the eighth inning. While Hunter Strickland recorded his eighth save‚ his Bullpen performance was not enough to prevent the Braves from tying the game. The Reds' Bullpen did not produce the same impact that it had in the past two seasons. Instead‚ they were unable to capitalize on their opportunity to tie or win. The team's defense was a major problem in the ninth inning. Despite Tyler Mahle's heroic efforts‚ the Cincinnati Reds had a tough time with their defense. After a dropped third strike‚ Oscar Mercado reached base. The next hitter blasted a comebacker to the mound‚ but Tyler Mahle was unable to corral the ball and it turned into an error. The Reds rolled cliches. But they also punched back into contention. The cliches were true: a no-hitter was not enough to save the game‚ as the Reds were down 7-1 at the end of the game. Fortunately‚ they were able to recover from this setback in the GABP.