Cameron Smith wins the Players Championship with big putts, gutsy

Tuesday, March 15, 2022
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Adam Smith has won the Masters tournament and had not seen his family in two years. He was stuck in Australia because of travel restrictions. Thankfully‚ he could fly back home last week. It was a great reunion for the Australian golfer and his family. The big putts and gutsy shots helped him win his first major. The Players Championship is the second-largest prize in golf next to the majors. Adam Smith‚ a native of Jacksonville Beach‚ Florida‚ won the Players Championship with big putts and gutsy plays. The former Australia pro had only parred six holes and was two strokes up on the par-3 17th hole when he hit a sand wedge bolder than he thought he should have. He birdied the hole and moved up to No. 6 in the world. Adam Smith won the Players Championship on Monday.

cameron smith wins the players championship with big putts gutsy
Image source : pgatourco

He had not seen his family in two years because he was in Australia during the pandemic. His parents‚ Sharon and sister Melanie‚ live in Jacksonville Beach. After his win‚ Adam Smith took his family to the airport for a special reunion. The players championship is the second-biggest prize in golf next to the majors.