CANARIES 2 BURNLEY 0 - Key moments, ratings and stats

Monday, April 11, 2022
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Canaries 2 Burnley - Key Moments

The match between Norwich City and Burnley is now over‚ and it was a memorable one for both sides. Norwich's Pierre Lees-Melou scored the first goal of the game‚ becoming the first French player to score for the club in the English top division. Teemu Pukki scored his 20th league goal‚ leapfrogging Mark Robins for third place in Norwich's top-flight scoring chart. The result means Dean Smith's Norwich have gone two games unbeaten at home and away to Premier League opposition‚ while they are still winless against bottom-of-the-table Burnley.

CANARIES 2 BURNLEY 0 - O Monstro's signature move is clearing the ball off the line

O Monstro's signature move is clearing the balls off the line in Canaries 2 Burnley. The goal came after a brilliant volley from Andres Iniesta. Earlier‚ O Monstro had been a fashion model and editor-at-large of the Italian magazine Monocle. During the season‚ he tormented Juventus with his sharp volley kicks. The goal gave the home crowd something to cheer about. The Canary Islands have a diverse range of native fauna‚ including wall lizards‚ geckos‚ and the Canary big-eared bat. Other animals native to the islands include the Algerian hedgehog and mouflon. The islands also boast a range of plants and flowers. The largest city‚ Tenerife‚ is the island's capital‚ and it is home to two giant tortoises‚ one on each of the three islands. The Canary Islands are a result of volcanic activity. The magma is about 200o C hotter than the surrounding area. The higher temperatures make the lava more buoyant. Volcanoes erupted for a few thousand years‚ forming the Canary Islands. In millions of years‚ new islands will appear to the west of the islands. As the older islands continue to lose land‚ they will eventually disappear into the ocean.