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Sunday, May 8, 2022
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Canelo Vs Bivol MMA Preview

If you're looking for a preview of the Canelo vs. Bivol fight‚ look no further. DAZN News US has you covered. Check out our fight preview‚ live updates‚ highlights‚ and other information to see how this bout will go down. Also‚ be sure to sign up for DAZN's premium service to receive live updates and fight highlights.

Canelo Alvarez vs Dmitry Bivol

The Canelo Alvarez v Dmitry Bivol main event is underway on DAZN TV. Watch the live updates to get the latest on this boxing match. If you missed the fight‚ don't worry. We have live updates and results from all of the fights live on DAZN TV. Follow us on Facebook‚ Twitter‚ and YouTube for live updates and fight news. The world champion Canelo Alvarez will defend his light heavyweight title against Russia's Dmitry Bivol. The former WBO champion is undefeated in 19 fights‚ but the WBA has promoted him to Regular champion after defeating Felix Valera last year. The Russian has successfully defended his title five times. The undercard has not been impressive‚ and the crowd boos Bivol a lot. Bivol has never fought outside the US. Canelo is looking for opportunities on the inside. He's getting close but Bivol is showing signs of fatigue. Bivol has been matching Canelo toe-to-toe. However‚ Canelo has adapted his strategy and is looking for an uppercut opportunity. The first of the undercard fights will begin at 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET‚ while the main event will be televised live on DAZN. This fight will be streamed live on DAZN‚ which is a subscription-based service. It costs just under $80 for new subscribers and $60 for existing users.

Canelo vs Bivol fight preview

If you're looking for a Canelo vs Bivol MMA fight preview‚ you've come to the right place. In this fight‚ the winner will likely be determined by the fight's first round. However‚ the fight could go either way‚ and you can bet that this one will be close‚ as well. Bivol has a good jab‚ but Canelo is able to counter it well. Canelo's offense is moving forward with a big uppercut‚ and he's landing a right hook and a left hand. Bivol is avoiding most of the damage‚ and he's not leaving himself open. Bivol‚ however‚ is taking Canelo's pressure well. He lands several hard hooks to the body and head. Bivol's stance has him defending well against Canelo‚ and he's able to get some punches in when he needs to. The WBA light heavyweight champion is a dangerous opponent. Bivol has a strong jab‚ good ring generalship‚ and respectable power‚ but he's never fought Canelo Alvarez. As for Bivol‚ he's undefeated and is riding a seven-fight winning streak. While Bivol is a strong contender‚ he's a risky bet. The winner of Canelo vs Bivol will clinch his legacy as one of the best fighters of this generation. In the third round‚ Canelo's offense looks very solid. Bivol's power will come in handy against the MMA superstar. The left hook lands hard and Bivol misses the left hand with his right. The fourth round is much closer‚ and it's a tough fight for either fighter. Bivol's power and range will give Bivol a chance to land the big shot.

Canelo vs Bivol fight results

After a tense start‚ Canelo lands a quick right hand to the head of Bivol and tries to counter the powerful Mexican. Bivol is unable to shake Canelo off and continues to lay on his hooks. Bivol's body is also exposed to Canelo's jabs and tries to push Canelo away from the ropes. Canelo is now on the ropes and waiting for the bell. Canelo is landing his hooks and is showing a good defense. The fight goes to round three. Canelo lands several right hands‚ but Bivol eats a right hand. Bivol lands a body shot‚ followed by an uppercut that misses Canelo's head. At the end of the round‚ Bivol lands a slick right and scores a 10-9 decision over Canelo. Canelo comes out the stronger‚ landing more jabs‚ but Bivol is on the offensive‚ working the body of Alvarez. In response‚ Canelo gets pinned against the ropes‚ while Bivol counters well and keeps him from getting the uppercuts he wants. Bivol is the better fighter early on in the fight. But Bivol is still able to land a solid left in this round. While Canelo has a great defense‚ Bivol's technical base and size advantage make him the better choice for this bout. Bivol possesses the power to frustrate Canelo's offense. Bivol will likely try to escape during the close quarters. Bivol's defense will give him a few opportunities to land a good punch in the last round.

Canelo vs Bivol fight highlights

Canelo is pounding on Bivol's arms and body‚ but he's not giving him anything. Bivol continues to fire away. Canelo lands a right hand and a jab to the body‚ and Bivol rebounds with a flush right hand. The fight is close‚ but Bivol lands some big shots. The crowd boos both fighters. The final round ends with a Canelo uppercut‚ but Bivol is able to get out of the way. Fans will have a chance to catch up on the action in Las Vegas on May 7. The event will stream live on DAZN in more than 200 countries. For those in the US‚ it will cost $9.99 per month. The boxing match will be streamed in a variety of languages‚ including English‚ Spanish‚ German‚ and Japanese. The fight will also be broadcast on DAZN's app. DAZN News US has live coverage of the Canelo vs. Bivol fight will air in the main event on DAZN‚ which will show it in special pay-per-view format. You can also catch the highlights of the fight by watching the commentary on the show's website and podcast. While the main event is expected to be a high-profile showdown‚ you can enjoy the undercard.

Canelo vs Bivol co-main event

In this week's Canelo vs. Bivol co-main event highlights‚ Canelo lands some early right hands‚ and Bivol counters with a jab. Canelo‚ however‚ is not throwing back‚ and Bivol is able to hold him on the ropes. Bivol continues to play the game‚ despite Canelo's pressure. Canelo Alvarez will face undefeated WBA 'Super' light heavyweight champion Dmitry Bivol in the co-main event on DAZN on April 27. The event features six undefeated fighters‚ including Canelo and Bivol. The winner of the event will move on to fight Gennady Golovkin in September. Canelo Alvarez is one of the most sought-after fighters in the world‚ and this fight should be a good match-up for the unbeaten Canelo. The bout will have plenty of high-profile television coverage‚ and DAZN News US will have live updates throughout. The fight will also be livestreamed for those in the US. Besides live coverage of the main event‚ DAZN will also air the fight in select movie theaters in the United States. The fight will begin at 8 pm ET on DAZN. The fight is expected to go to the ring around 11 p.m. Preliminary bouts will begin at 4:30 pm ET‚ and fans can get a feel for the hype before the main event.

Canelo vs Bivol experience

If you're looking for the best coverage of the Canelo vs Bivol fight‚ DAZN News is the place to go. As a world champion‚ Canelo Alvarez is the man to beat. Bivol‚ a Russian‚ has been undefeated in 10 professional bouts and holds the WBA light-heavyweight title. You can also watch the fight highlights right here on DAZN News US. Canelo vs Bivol is set to start at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT on May 31 and will be available in the United States‚ Australia‚ and Canada on September 6. Although the fight is scheduled to start at these times‚ it is possible that the event begins a bit earlier or later. You can always get the full experience with a premium subscription on DAZN News US. The Canelo vs Bivol fight is available to watch on DAZN News US and Roku. DAZN is also available on Apple TV‚ PlayStation 4‚ Roku‚ Chromecast‚ and Samsung TV. You can also watch the fight on your computer. If you're not a boxing fan‚ don't worry. The DAZN app is available for Windows‚ Mac‚ Android‚ and iOS devices. It's also available for PC users. Dmitry Bivol is defending his semi-full title against Canelo Alvarez. Bivol is undefeated and has a superior jab. In addition‚ Canelo's height advantage is four inches‚ and he's slightly heavier than Bivol. However‚ both boxers are unbeaten and can slug it out.