Cara Delevingne Has Been Accused Of Fetishizing Black Women

Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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Cara Delevingne Has Been Accused Of Fetishizing Black Women

We've been hearing about Cara Delevingne's behavior at the Billboard Music Awards and Halloween party‚ Her alleged fetishization of black women‚ and more. We're even hearing about her alleged relationship with Jaden Smith. But what exactly has Cara been doing to be accused of fetishizing black women? Let's take a closer look.

Cara Delevingne's behavior at the Billboard Music Awards

We're all familiar with the celebrity sightings of the moment‚ but we're not so sure what the actress's bizarre behavior at the Billboard Music Awards meant. After all‚ she's not the only one who behaved oddly at the awards ceremony. In fact‚ many fans were horrified by Delevingne's behavior. It's not just the fact that she was photographed with other famous people‚ either. Her behavior was so bizarre that it made the awards show a polarizing event. After the ceremony‚ the star took a photo with her custom Mugler dress and leaned in‚ picking up the train of Megan Thee Stallion's gown. This caused the actress to be cropped out of the photo and was subsequently called out by fans on Twitter. Delevingne's behavior also prompted her to take a photo with Doja Cat‚ Fat Joe and DJ Khaled. The two have a history of grabbing women's dress train‚ and the backlash to her actions may have caused her to distance herself from the actress. The actress was seated next to Megan Fox as she performed Sweetest Pie and Plan B. The reaction from Megan was priceless and defiantly clingy‚ resulting in a lot of secondhand embarrassment. Regardless of the reason‚ the incident landed Delevingne in hot water and has earned her a reputation as an oddball. Megan Fox was also photographed with Cara Delevingne on the red carpet at the awards ceremony. Megan is wearing a ruched fabric design by Mugler. She later changed into a barely there jumpsuit. Both were photographed leaning in close to Megan. They also had a kiss in a video which has been circulated online.

Her relationship with Jaden Smith

Despite being close friends‚ Cara Delevingne and Jaden Smith did not confirm their romance just yet. However‚ they have been lip-locking on Valentine's Day‚ with the latter presenting the model with a red rose bouquet. This is one of the earliest examples of the couple's relationship‚ which is only a year old. They have also been romantically linked since '17. On Valentine's Day‚ rumors of a relationship between the two were resurfaced after a magazine published photographs of them kissing in a public place. In the first photo‚ Delevingne is holding a bouquet of red roses for Smith‚ while the second shows them kissing in public. The two have not publicly stated that they are dating‚ and have not even posted any pictures on social media. The two were longtime friends before the public discovered their romance. In fact‚ they worked on a 2010 documentary together‚ which is how they first got to know each other. However‚ they never really fuelled the rumors of a relationship. But the media reports of a romance between Jaden Smith and Cara Delevingne were completely unsurprising‚ as it's a common practice in the film industry. The two began dating in May 2013 and were first photographed kissing on Instagram in June. They were also photographed together in various events throughout the year. The couple later ended their relationship in early April‚ saying that the stress of lockdown negatively affected their relationship. However‚ Cara has also dated singer Halsey briefly. In August‚ she was seen wearing a necklace featuring the letters A and C. They were also spotted together at the Toronto International Film Festival and Paris Fashion Week in 2018.

Her behavior at a Halloween party

Model Cara Delevingne has been caught on camera taking a fall at a Halloween party with RHONY star Leah McSweeney. She crashed a performance by Azealia Banks‚ falling into the crowd and scrambling back onto stage after taking a tumble. However‚ she quickly recovered from the fall and continued celebrating the evening with her famous friends. Videos of the actress's behaviour have gone viral on social media‚ with videos showing her grabbing a microphone from a rapper. Banks managed to keep his cool despite the wild antics and performed several hit songs for the crowd. The actress also embraced the rapper at the end of her performance‚ but this controversy is not new. Despite her white skin‚ the actress has repeatedly been accused of disrespecting black women and causing racial tensions.

Her alleged fetishization of black women

Following recent rumors‚ Cara Delevingne is accused of fetishizing black women. The allegations come after footage of the model licking Azealia Banks surfaced on the internet. The star has since apologized for her actions‚ but the controversy still persists. Read on for more. Regardless of the underlying reasons‚ these claims are deeply troubling. As a white woman‚ Cara Delevingne's behavior is deeply disturbing and dangerous. In one instance‚ she busted Azealia and Megan during a Met Gala afterparty‚ but Megan pushed her back. In another incident‚ the model was seen grabbing Azealia's microphone mid-performance. She was caught on camera and Azealia was left confused. In the aftermath‚ she was accused of fetishizing black women‚ and she was repeatedly called out in public for her behavior. In another instance‚ at the Billboard Music Awards‚ Cara stole the show by causing a stir and creating a social media firestorm. While she wasn't a nominee‚ Delevingne's antics drew widespread attention. The incident‚ which was captured on video and went viral‚ captured Megan's audience in complete disbelief and shocked the music industry.