Cardi B and Offset Announce Their Sons Name With Bling

Friday, April 15, 2022
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Offset and Cardi Announce Their Sons Name With Bling

Offset and Cardi B announced the baby's name via a dazzling video of their jewelry spelling out the baby's name. The couple announced the baby's arrival on September 6 in a video starring Cardi‚ who sat beneath a Louis Vuitton blanket. Despite the high-profile announcement‚ fans were left wondering where the jewelry came from.


Offset and Cardi B recently revealed the name of their newborn son‚ Wave. Cardi captioned the photo with emojis‚ while Offset added a picture of the little boy in a bath seat‚ complete with a diamond chain in the shape of a wave. The couple is expected to announce the name of their son shortly‚ but have not said what it will be. The new couple has already announced the birth of their second child‚ a son named Wave Set Cephus. The rapper shared the first photo of her son on Instagram‚ which was accompanied by a caption that featured emojis. The adorable photo shows the baby boy in a blue coat with a chunky diamond chain‚ and Offset wrote‚ WAVE SET CEPHUS. The couple has been keeping the child out of the spotlight until now‚ but on Thursday‚ she posted pictures of her 7-month-old son. The adorable photo of Cardi B and Offset's son‚ who looks like a small man‚ is sure to make headlines. The bling-covered little boy has a unique name‚ so we'll have to wait and see what Cardi B and Offset do next! Cardi B and Offset revealed the name of their son on Thursday. The couple's daughter‚ Kulture Kiari Cephus‚ shares the same first name with Offset. Offset‚ a member of the rap group Migos‚ had two albums released last year before Cardi's birth. The couple has since shared their baby's name with fans on Instagram. After tying the knot in 2017‚ Offset and Cardi revealed the name of their son on Instagram. Waveset Sephas was born on September 6‚ 2017. The name is similar to his older sister Kulture. Offset has three other children from previous relationships. The baby's parents are thrilled to share their new family with the world. But how do they choose a name for their son? The name 'Onyx' is a beautiful choice for a boy. Both parents love their son‚ but Cardi B is particularly happy about it. He is the perfect name for a rapper. Offset and Cardi B will announce the boy's name with more bling next month. The couple have announced the name of their son in the following weeks. If Cardi B's birth announcement is a sign of their growing family‚ the name is sure to be a hit.