Carlton hangs on for memorable 12-point win over Western

Thursday, March 24, 2022
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The Blues' victory over the Bulldogs came at a price‚ as Carlton struggled in the first half to stay in the contest‚ but they rallied to hang on and record a 12 point win. A confident Carlton team dominated the second quarter‚ scoring four goals from Eddie Betts. But a late surge from the Bulldogs' wingers kept a close eye on the outcome. Despite being a team that has struggled to score goals this season‚ the Blues played a strong game and kept their nerve throughout. The first half saw the Blues dominate the ball in contested and uncontested possessions. The midfielders‚ especially the big men like Harry McKay and Matthew Kennedy‚ did a fantastic job to put the ball in the back of the net. Carlton's forward line dominated the game in the second term‚ and they were able to hold on to their lead for the remainder of the game. Carlton's play was marked by the changes in its attack and defence. The Roosters have a new look to their game and rely on their powerful forward line to create turnovers. They also hunted the ball at half-back‚ creating plenty of turnovers. Despite the change in style‚ the Blues looked unflushed during the first half. However‚ the final term saw Carlton hang on to a memorable 12 point win over the Bulldogs. In the second half‚ Carlton led by as many as 37 points. While the Bulldogs responded with greater pressure around the packs‚ Carlton held out for a memorable 12 point victory. The late goal from Curnow capped off a fine game for the Blues. This was the first victory for the new look Carlton under coach Ashley Hansen. After the game‚ Hansen praised the team's balanced team and system. Carlton hung on for a memorable 12 point win over the Bulldogs. The Blues had a stronger forward line than the Bulldogs‚ but the Dogs had more potent forward targets. Despite the loss‚ Carlton dominated the Dogs early in the game and held off the Dogs late. They were led by Charlie Curnow's two goals‚ and the rucks' midfield set-ups were also impressive. During the second quarter‚ Carlton took over the game. After trailing by 31 points in the first half‚ the Blues were unable to come back. After a late run by the Bulldogs‚ a spirited Carlton team came from behind to win by 12 points. This was the first win in the history of the Blues in a decade for the Bulldogs. Carlton's second-half comeback lasted a whole year.

carlton hangs on for memorable 12 point win over western 12 point
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Despite a shaky start‚ the Blues were able to maintain a comfortable lead and clinch the win with a 12 point win over the Western Bulldogs. While Carlton was still in the first half of the game‚ the Bulldogs were chasing their lead and hung on for a memorable 12 point win over a tough opponent. The Blues dominated the first half‚ leading by 37 points at the break. Then‚ the Bulldogs attempted to come back‚ but Carlton held on to a six-point lead before falling to the Bulldogs. During the second term‚ Carlton had an unflush look despite the absence of star recruit Adam Cerra and coach Michael Voss due to COVID rules. The second quarter was a little tense and a bit lacked confidence for Carlton‚ but it was still a memorable one. Carlton's defence is now one of the best in the AFL‚ with the Bulldogs scoring just a single goal in the last five quarters. Their defence is able to stop most opponents‚ but Carlton has a unique combination of players that makes it difficult to defend them. Combined‚ the combination of these three is the best in the league and can make the Bulldogs a challenge for any opposition.