Cases of Deltacron confirmed in Brazil

Tuesday, March 15, 2022
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Brazilian health authorities confirmed that two cases of COVID-19‚ a variant of the virus‚ have been identified in Brazil. The disease has been under observation since early March‚ when the World Health Organization first reported it in France. The Deltacron virus combines the genetic characteristics of Delta and Omicron strains. There are several possible causes for this infection. Experts are awaiting further evidence before deciding on a vaccine. The disease is highly contagious‚ causing death and disability in people infected. The virus is transmitted through contact with infected individuals. The only known vaccine to prevent the infection is the Deltacron vaccine. However‚ the Brazilian Ministry of Health has recommended that all patients be vaccinated against it‚ including those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. The WHO has notified health officials in Brazil of the latest findings. The disease is caused by a mutant version of Deltacron coronavirus.

cases of deltacron confirmed in brazil
Image source : imagenseb

This virus combines the genes from the Omicron and Delta variants. This virus is widespread in Brazil and has caused at least two deaths. Although the disease has not been linked to human travel‚ the spread of the mutation has created an opportunity for the emergence of new diseases. The WHO says the Deltacron variant is a significant disease and is under close surveillance in the country.