Cavaliers freefall continues with crucial loss to lowly Magic

Thursday, April 7, 2022
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Cavaliers Freefall Continues With Critical Loss to Lowly Magic

The Cleveland Cavaliers continued their freefall Tuesday night with a 120-115 loss to the Orlando Magic‚ which ranks last in the Eastern Conference. The loss robbed the Cavaliers of any chance of competing for a playoff spot. The team had been the best defensive team in the East‚ but it lost two key pieces - starting frontcourt duo Jarrett Allen and Evan Mobley - and allowed the league's worst offense to score 120 points.

Cleveland Cavaliers' effort was evidently lacking

With another crucial loss‚ the Cleveland Cavaliers are out of the playoff picture. After beating the Rockets and 76ers in back-to-back games‚ the Cavs have now lost five of six games. Their lone win came against the Brooklyn Nets. They now need a win or two in their final two games to secure a playoff spot. With two more games to play‚ they can do that. The Cavs built a double-digit lead in the first quarter‚ but seemed to take their foot off the gas. Orlando came back and made the game competitive. The Magic's defense held the Cavs to less than twenty points per quarter. In the fourth quarter‚ the Cavs shot 36.4 percent (9 of 22) and 22.5 percent (5 of 10) from 3-point range. The Cavs' lack of experience against top teams has left them with few options. After all‚ they still have one of the best defenses in the league‚ with veteran star Marc Gasol and rookie sensation Jarrod Jackson‚ Jr. averaging 1.9 blocks per game. However‚ the loss is a wakeup call for the Cavs. Although they've struggled to win games this season‚ they've made some progress in the last few weeks. The Cavaliers' slump continues‚ with another crucial loss to the lowly Magic. The Magic were led by Mo Bamba's 20 points and 12 rebounds. Ignas Brazdeikis chipped in with 20 points off the bench. Darius Garland scored 27 points and Lauri Markkanen had 25 points in the loss. The Cleveland Cavaliers have lost eight of their last 10 games‚ and have only managed to hang onto seventh place in the Eastern Conference. Now‚ the Cleveland Cavaliers face the Brooklyn Nets on April 8 in a crucial game. This game will determine if they can make it to the postseason or not. They are still on a three-game road trip‚ so they need to win at least one of those games to make any progress. With a win on Thursday‚ the Cavs will have a chance to win at home.

Jonathan Isaac's return may change the team's energy

The return of Jonathan Isaac is a positive development for the Cavaliers. The center is expected to contribute in the stretch run‚ but precautions must be taken to ensure his long-term health. The Cavaliers are still unsure of his status‚ but fans are already excited to see him back in the lineup. They are looking forward to seeing him work his magic. In the meantime‚ here are some things to expect from Isaac. The return of Isaac may also help the team's energy level. He missed most of the season with a sprained knee. Initially‚ the injury was expected to keep Isaac out for two months‚ but it was later ruled season-ending. Isaac was also out for nearly four months because of a coronavirus that wiped out most of the league's star players. While Isaac is a great player‚ he is also a marketable player. His slender frame and imposing defender should change the energy of the Cavs. While there are more important factors‚ the Cavs should be mindful of Isaac's marketability. If his team needs a new center to complement the current one‚ they could look for another player in the draft who can fill the role. While it is unknown if Isaac will play a game against the Orlando Magic this season‚ he will definitely be able to play next season. The Magic have yet to disclose the details of Isaac's rehab. However‚ the team has stated that Isaac will play at some point in the next few months. The Magic's general manager John Hammond confirmed the news in early March. The Cavaliers may want to be ready for Isaac's return by the end of the season. Although LeBron James is no longer on the Cavaliers' roster‚ his absence will likely be felt. The Cavs are currently 41-31‚ fighting for a playoff spot. They have the fifth-best defense in the NBA and lead the conference in net rating for most of the season. Their two All-Stars were on the roster when this game was played in February. With this in mind‚ it is no wonder they won this game. The return of Jonathan Isaac may have the Cavaliers' energy dramatically. The team had been without his services for almost two years after he suffered an ACL tear. With Isaac back‚ they may have found the extra spark they need to win a playoff series. The Cavs' next matchup will be against the Sacramento Kings‚ who had a surprisingly bad record. With an injury like that‚ they might have to wait until the end of the season to see how Jonathan Isaac plays.

Orlando Magic's roster is a bit rough for the Cavaliers

The Orlando Magic's roster is a bit rudimentary for the Cleveland Cavaliers to face. This young‚ rebuilding team is riddled with positional overlap and redundancy. As a result‚ it's hard to see how the Magic will be able to win with a team like this. The roster‚ however‚ is filled with talented young players that could blossom into good NBA players. The Orlando Magic return 60 percent of their roster from last season. This is a bit rough considering that they finished last season with a mediocre record. Dwayne Bacon and Chasson Randle saw significant court time‚ but there's no obvious sign of their effectiveness. The roster is also rudimentary for the Cavs' needs‚ as there are so many injuries. The Magic's offseason moves were mostly aimed at improving their roster. They added a former NBA Rookie of the Year in the sixth round‚ but traded away a second-round pick in exchange. The Lakers received a future draft pick in return. The Magic also re-signed Vucevic‚ Terrence Ross‚ and Michael Carter-Williams‚ and waived Mozgov. In the regular season‚ the Orlando Magic finished with a record of 30-35. After a season-ending suspension for COVID-19‚ the team was invited to the NBA Bubble. They then played in the final eight seeding games. Despite having some significant injuries‚ the Magic finished 3-5 in these seeding games. Their 8th-round run helped them secure a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. The Orlando Magic's lack of depth in the starting lineup and injuries to key players made it difficult to win the series. They struggled to keep contact on the road‚ looking for Wendell Carter and Robin Lopez on the left block. The two-time All-Star slammed his glasses on the floor in frustration. The team fell 105-92 to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Though there are signs of improvement‚ the Magic still have a long way to go before they're truly a playoff contender. The Cavaliers have struggled to find consistency this season. While LeBron James remains the only reliable source of consistency‚ the opposing team has been able to hold their own. The Cleveland roster is also missing some core players. Isaiah Thomas is expected to return in January‚ while Derrick Rose is still dealing with an ankle injury. Until those players return‚ the Cavs are going to struggle. A bit of a rudimentary roster‚ the Orlando Magic have a number of young stars to contend with the Cavaliers. The roster includes former NBA player Victor Oladipo‚ who played at Indiana University. In addition‚ they drafted a 6-foot-6 forward named Tahj Eaddy in the NBA draft last year‚ while averaging 13.8 points‚ seven rebounds and 1.3 assists.