Cdc calls for 2nd boost for high-risk older Americans amid nation's latest covid-19 surge

Saturday, May 21, 2022
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CDC Approves Booster Doses For Older Americans 65 and Older

The CDC and FDA recently approved the use of second Covid booster doses in adults over 65. The decision was based on data from Israel‚ where an additional shot cut the mortality rate by 78%. The data were from health records of more than 500‚000 people at Clalit Health Services‚ the country's largest health care provider. However‚ the study was not peer reviewed‚ so no definitive findings were reached.

Following the nations latest. Covid-19 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced Thursday that they are increasing their recommendation for Americans aged 12 and older who have an immunocompromised condition. They also recommended for those 50 and over to get their second booster shot. We have witnessed steady rises in the number of cases over the last month‚ along with an increase in older Americans being hospitalized. The highest level of coverage for older Americans is among all age groups. However‚ many older Americans did not receive their booster doses until months before their final dose. This leaves many vulnerable and unable to protect themselves from severe illness‚ hospitalization‚ or death. Officials said that it doesn't matter if this is your first or second booster. PHOTO: Shana Alesi gives Robert Hall a second COVID-19 boost shot‚ April 1‚ 2022‚ in Hines (Ill.) Scott Olson/Getty Images CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walsky reiterated the importance of immunization boosters for older Americans during Thursday's meeting of its independent advisory committee on immunization recommendation. This was in response to concerns about waning immunity due to the nation's recent COVID-19 increase. In the last six months‚ only 38% and 43% among those aged 50-64 and 65+ have had a vaccination dose. Walensky stated that this leaves 60% older Americans without protection against severe illness‚ hospitalization and death. It is well-known that immunity deteriorates over time. We must do everything we can to help those who are most at risk. According to CDC data 12.4 million Americans received second booster doses since mid-March when second booster doses could be authorized. People over 50 are eligible for second boosters‚ with 11.8million receiving them. 8.4 million are 65 and over. MORE: Analysis shows that vaccination could have prevented 300‚000. The CDC discovered that while more than 90% seniors are fully vaccinated and have received their COVID boosters‚ a third have not yet had it. A recent abc news analysis federal data showed that COVID-19-related deaths have been increasing among the immunized. As a result‚ more older Americans are entering the hospital to receive COVID-19-related treatment. After the vaccination of older‚ high-risk populations in winter 2021‚ the proportion of Americans 65 and over in hospital fell to a low level -- younger people representing the highest percentage of those who need care. In recent months however‚ with the dominant omicron surge‚ the average age in hospital for COVID-19 patients has been steadily increasing. PHOTO: Mariam Salaam‚ a registered nurse administers Pfizer's booster shot in Los Angeles at the COVID-19 testing and vaccination site on May 5‚ 2022. (Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images. FILE CDC data show that more than 55% people currently in hospital with COVID-19 have reached 65. This is the largest number of senior citizens receiving treatment since the outbreak of the pandemic. Additionally‚ almost three quarters of all confirmed COVID-19-related deaths occurred during the Omicron Surge‚ even though there were high rates of initial vaccination among older people. In an interview with CBS News earlier in the month‚ Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted that COVID-19 has increased among vaccinated individuals‚ most of whom are older‚ immunocompromised or suffer from underlying diseases. More: A COVID-19 nurse reflect on the 1‚000‚000 deaths of American viruses: It is still a difficult time. Some people infected by the virus can be vaccinated‚ but others may develop severe illness and even death. Fauci stated that those are heavily geared towards seniors and people with underlying diseases‚ or those who have a compromised immune system due to underlying illness or medication.

booster doses older americans cdc 65 and cdc calls for 2nd boost high risk amid nation s latest covid 19 surge

(Carlos Barria/Reuters‚ FILE)">PHOTO: A doctor prepares a needle containing the Johnson Johnson COVID-19 vaccination at Chicago's vaccine center on April 6‚ 2021. (Carlos Barria/Reuters‚ FILE) Fauci said that as long as there are vulnerable individuals in your population‚ the risk of death will be greater for anyone who is vaccinated. Despite a recommendation previously made‚ the push for older Americans to be boosted is not surprising. published by the CDC Last week's announcement stated that some people might wait to receive their second booster if they had COVID-19 within the past three months or if it would discourage them from getting another shot later in the year. According to the CDC‚ a second booster could be needed in autumn 2022 or if a vaccine against a COVID-19 future variant is available. A spokesperson from the CDC stated that the agency is working to update its consumer guidance in a statement sent to ABC News. Our guidance does not include any language regarding prior infection. A person who has recently been diagnosed with COVID-19 may get better treatment if they wait. However‚ they will be eligible if they have high-risk or serious concerns and are free from isolation. **. More: CDC approves booster shots for children ages five to eleven During an interview with abc news good morning america on Friday‚ Dr. Ashish Jha‚ White House COVID-19 Coordinator told George Stephanopoulos the older Americans shouldn't wait for the second booster and be discouraged by the prospect of needing another shot in fall. There is a lot infected right now. Jha stated that‚ given the amount of infection and that second booster provides‚ there's no need to delay. It is important that people get the second shot. We will monitor how things progress in fall and assess if they need more. cdc calls for a 2nd boost for high-risk older americans in the wake of covid-19's latest surge originally appeared on abcnewsgocom