Chargers expected to sign former Patriots cornerback J.C. Jackson

Tuesday, March 15, 2022
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The Chargers are expected to sign former Patriots cornerback Jeremy Kerley on Monday‚ according to multiple reports. However‚ Jackson could be a better fit with another team. He's a second-year standout who's already been drafted by the Titans. A deal with Jackson could help the team win in the AFC West‚ where the Pats' defense is struggling. If the Chargers do sign Jackson‚ he'll play outside cornerback‚ giving them a versatile option to move Asante Samuel Jr. into the slot. Chris Harris Jr.‚ who is also a free agent‚ was the team's primary slot corner the last two seasons‚ but is now out due to an injury. The Chargers have been starting outside corner Michael Davis‚ but Davis had a rough patch in their system. While the Chargers didn't sign Jackson in the offseason‚ they still managed to sign him as a free agent.

chargers expected to sign former patriots cornerback jc jackson j c
Image source : cdnvox-cd

Although Jackson's deal has not yet been officially announced‚ the team's first priority is keeping Michael Davis on the field. The team's other primary position needs to be defended‚ and Jackson will be a major part of that. This will require Jackson to step up his game.