Charles Barkley Has Already Made His National Champion Pick

Sunday, April 3, 2022
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Former Auburn basketball star Charles Barkley has already made his pick for the national championship game. The Wildcats will beat Villanova‚ 81-65‚ to win the title. In the first national semifinal‚ Kansas defeated Villanova‚ 67-59. Then‚ in the second national semifinal‚ the Jayhawks won‚ 70-57. NBC Sports reporter Maria Taylor appealed to Charles Barkley to pick Alabama. In the past‚ Charlest Barkley has never lost a national championship game‚ and he is famous for making these guaranteed picks for his television show‚ TNT. However‚ there have been instances in the past where he has not been able to make such a pick‚ so there is no guarantee that he will make the right one this time. If he is correct‚ this will be the first title that Auburn has won in the history of the NCAA tournament. If he is correct‚ this would be the second time he has made a guaranteed pick in the national championship game. The ESPN analyst has had several excellent predictions for the Final Four‚ but he has a history of getting his picks wrong and not performing as he claims. But this time‚ Barkley has backed up his predictions. This time‚ he chose a team that will beat a favorite in a major tournament. This time‚ he backed Alabama. In fact‚ it is a good thing because the former Auburn basketball star has been a reliable pickmaker for many years. His national champion picks have consistently produced high quality results for his clients. And in spite of his recent run for office‚ he hasn't had the best luck with guaranteed picks. It is no wonder that the NCAA has banned Barkley from the NCAA tournament. While Barkley is notoriously inaccurate on guaranteed picks‚ he is more likely to pick a team that is a good fit for his team. In fact‚ the KU coach made the guarantee after Kansas beat Villanova in the semifinals. We're going to cut the nets regardless of who we play‚ so that it's a good bet that they will have the advantage‚ despite the odds. As a former Auburn basketball player and analyst‚ Charlest Barkley has already made his pick for the national championship game. And the former basketball star isn't happy with the matchup. He wants Alabama to win and has made a few guaranteed picks‚ but he's not happy with Auburn's chances. He's also disappointed with his pick for the NBA championship. He was right to choose the Wildcats‚ though‚ because they have a better chance of winning. As a former Auburn basketball player‚ Charlest Barkley has made his pick for the national championship game.

charles barkley has already made his national champion pick
Image source : sicom/im

He's not too happy with Alabama's rivals. He's adamant that his team will win the national championship. So‚ why not let him have his way with the game? It's the only way to be sure. If the Crimson Tide are playing the best team in the country‚ the college football world is in for a treat. While there are no guarantees in sports‚ Charlest Barkley is notoriously accurate. He was arrested in 2011 for breaking a man's nose in a fight after a game against the Milwaukee Bucks‚ and in July 2014 he was jailed after throwing a man through a plate-glass window in Orlando. The NBA legend continues to be popular with his fans despite his off-court behavior. Despite being a former basketball star‚ Charlest Barkley is a controversial figure in sports. While his name may have caught your eye‚ he's still a popular sports commentator. If he's not familiar with the NCAA Tournament‚ you can check his predictions for the national championship game. In the 2022 edition of the NCAA Tournament‚ the Crimson Tide will be the underdogs.