Charvarius Wards departure leaves Chiefs thinner at cornerback

Tuesday, March 15, 2022
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The loss of cornerback Charvarius Ward leaves the Kansas City Chiefs thinner at cornerback. The former Middle Tennessee State standout played in Kansas City for four seasons and commanded a high salary in a 3-4 defense. The Chiefs' coaching staff has helped Ward develop into a top-notch player. While his trade to the 49ers will leave the team thinner at cornerback‚ he has made progress in his development. The departure of Ward leaves Kansas City thinner at cornerback. Although the Chiefs have several talented cornerbacks‚ it is unclear whether the defense is better or worse without Ward. Despite the Chiefs' passing game‚ Ward's performance in the secondary was a bit uneven. If Ward's departure is a good thing for the team‚ it will help the team's chances of making the playoffs. Ward's absence from the starting lineup leaves the Chiefs thinner at cornerback.

charvarius wards departure leaves chiefs thinner at cornerback
Image source : imagesspo

Even though the pass rush made Ward's job easier‚ the Chiefs' secondary wasn't as good this year. The secondary's performance was inconsistent and didn't help Ward's case. Luckily‚ the Chiefs have a strong group of cornerbacks who can step in to fill the void left by Ward's departure.