Chelsea player agents were paid millions by the club just DAYS

Monday, March 14, 2022
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A scathing report by David Ornstein on the plight of the Chelsea club has exposed the massive payments that the club have made to player agents. The news comes days after the government sanctioned Abramovich over ties to the Russian president Vladimir Putin. The Premier League club have been known to pay players' agents twice a year‚ but last February‚ PS35million was paid out‚ making this the largest amount in the league. The club's payments to agent's were not affected by the sanctions against owner Roman Abramovich. The Chelsea club paid their intermediaries PS35million a year‚ making it the most expensive club in the Premier League. The funds were distributed just a few days before the Russian President imposed a ban on the club. The payments to the intermediaries were made in September and February‚ and the payments went to players in the week before Abramovich was sanctioned. Despite the sanctions against the club‚ the player agents have not been affected by the payments. The club makes two payments a year to agents. The latest one was to the FA‚ two days before the government imposed sanctions against Abramovich. This means that Chelsea may not be able to pay its employees by the end of the month‚ but at least the agent payments are safe for the time being.