Chelsea Vs Newcastle: EPLs Sportswashing Derby Bound By

Monday, March 14, 2022
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There is a moral high ground in this Premier League match‚ but that's not the case on Saturday. The fans of the visiting team chanted Abramovich is a war criminal during the game‚ and it was a glaring contrast to those who chanted for Chelsea. Both teams are under special government licenses to operate‚ and Newcastle's owners are sanctioned for their ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Abramovich's supporters were in full voice against Chelsea as they chanted‚ Chelsea get bankrupt everywhere‚ and we'll take them to a bankruptcy court! As the game wore on‚ the atmosphere was tense‚ and the boos grew louder. But the supporters were unable to chant for their team‚ and gloated about the financial woes of the rivals. The game ended 1-1 in the end‚ and Abramovich's 19-year ownership of the club was halted due to ties to Russia's president. But the mood was not a happy one for both sides.

chelsea vs newcastle epls sportswashing derby bound by newcastle
Image source : outlookind

The supporters of Newcastle chanted‚ Chelsea get bankrupt everywhere‚ and we're bankrupt here‚ and glared at Chelsea supporters. Despite the negative reaction‚ Newcastle fans were elated with the win. They were also glad to see their team in the Premier League‚ and this shook the city.