Child Q: Black schoolgirl stripped-search begins legal action against

Saturday, March 19, 2022
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In the wake of the Child Q case‚ a black schoolgirl is launching legal action against the Metropolitan police and her school. The incident was caught on camera and sparked outrage. Scotland Yard said the girl'smelled strongly of cannabis.' The school searched the girl's bag and clothes‚ but no drugs were found. A review of the incident has concluded that the police and the school's actions had a detrimental impact on the child. The Metropolitan Police have since apologised for their actions‚ which were deemed unjustified‚ but despite the apology‚ the incident has already prompted widespread outrage. The girl's mother has also called for an investigation into the incident‚ pointing out that it has sparked widespread ire from politicians and the public. While the investigation is ongoing‚ Child Q is calling on the police to take action against the school as well as the officers involved. Child Q's mother has now filed a civil action against the police‚ stating that the strip search was unjustified and racially motivated. The review also concluded that the incident was likely to affect the child's life. Her lawyer has said she wants to hold both the school and the police to account. In a statement released by the mother on Friday‚ the police have said that they will investigate the incident and make the necessary changes to prevent it happening again. The child's mother is calling for the Met to appoint a new Commissioner of Police who will publicly declare the police's institutional sexism and racism. Meanwhile‚ her solicitor has continued correspondence with Child Q's school. She wants to hold the school to account. And as the investigation continues‚ the next step is to take steps to ensure that such incidents don't happen again. The mother is also seeking to hold the police and school accountable. She said she is pursuing a civil action against the school and the Metropolitan police. The Independent Office of Police Conduct (IOPRC) is the body responsible for investigating complaints of misconduct by public officers. The IOPC has also been asked to investigate the case. The case is pending at the moment. However‚ if the court rules in favor of Child Q‚ her lawyer hopes to bring a criminal charge against the Metropolitan Police. The IOPC will investigate the case. The government has apologised to the victim and has promised to hold the school accountable. In the meantime‚ the mother and teacher have been told to take legal action. The IOPC is not the only one taking action‚ as she has also written to the police and the school. She will also be writing to the head of the IOPRC. The IOPC is the watchdog for the police. A report by the IOPC finds that the police were wrong to strip a black schoolgirl on her period. A review conducted by the City and Hackney Safeguarding Children Partnership revealed that the police had used a 'Race-conscious' approach. The review also found that the child was likely to have been subjected to discrimination. The findings have led the parents to ask the IOPC to investigate the incident further. The IOPC will be investigating whether the police acted in an arbitrary manner. Those involved in the police action are likely to be the police and the relevant school. The court's investigation into the case will be carried out by a team of lawyers who specialise in police misconduct. The investigator will be looking into whether the Metropolitan Police were wrong to strip the black schoolgirl‚ and the court will consider whether to punish the officers. The family of Child Q has started a civil action against the police and the school after she was strip-searched by police. The lawsuit is aimed at holding the police and the school accountable. The mother of Child Q has already paid a monetary compensation to the parents. The mother of Child Q also outlined her reasons for taking legal action. She has urged the authorities to investigate the case.