Chris Pine Got Mistaken For Joey Lawrence At An Oscars Party Not

Thursday, March 31, 2022
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It's a shocking story — Chris Pine got mistaken for Joey Lawrence at an Oscars party. The actor was spotted on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on March 30 while arriving to an Oscar party. Someone knew who Chris was but he didn't know that the person was Joey Lawrence. As he was about to enter the party‚ he was stopped by the person‚ who quickly realized he was mistaken. The party was attended by many famous people‚ including Andrew Garfield‚ Zoe Kravitz‚ and Chris Pine. Other celebrities who attended included Pedro Almodovar‚ Ava DuVernay‚ Jamie Dornan‚ and Kaia Gerber. The event was held at the Petersen Automotive Museum. The party was hosted by actress Andrea Riseborough‚ who was mistaken for Ava DuVernay. Guests of the party included Andrew Garfield‚ Zoe Kravitz‚ and Joey Lawrence. Other attendees included Ava DuVernay‚ Patrick Schwarzenegger‚ and Justice Smith. Colman Domingo and his father Raul Domingo attended the Oscar party. They are currently filming the Color Purple musical in Atlanta. Other attendees included Jay Ellis‚ the star of Black-ish and Marsai Martin‚ the lead in Pose. Some of the other attendees at the Oscars party included Andrew Garfield‚ Zoe Kravitz‚ Pedro Almodovar‚ Ava DuVernay‚ and Ava DuVernay. They were joined by actors such as Andy Garcia‚ Kaia Gerber‚ and Mindy Kaling. Other notable attendees included Michael Douglas‚ Ava DuVernay‚ Diego Boneta‚ and Ava DuVernay‚ as well as other celebrities. Another Oscar party was hosted by Mercedes-Benz USA. The event‚ which was originally held in a hotel ballroom‚ was rescheduled after the COVID-19 pandemic in 2014. It was moved to an outdoor screening area where COVID-19 was a serious issue. However‚ the actors were not the only stars of the night. There was also a surprise guest who was mistaken for Joey Lawrence at the same event. Other celebrities who attended the party included: Andrew Garfield‚ Quinta Brunson‚ and Robert Opel. The actor was also joined by Ava DuVernay‚ and Justice Smith. The actor's girlfriend‚ Anna Osceola‚ and Jordy Wood attended the Petersen Automotive Museum. In addition to Joey Lawrence‚ the Oscar party was also attended by Ari Emanuel and Ava DuVernay. The actor attended the Oscar party with Ava DuVernay‚ and Pedro Almodovar. He also co-hosted a luncheon event featuring cutting-edge food technologies.

chris pine got mistaken for joey lawrence at an oscars party not
Image source : etcanadac

The event was hosted at the Petersen Automotive Museum. Among the other attendees were Jordy‚ Sharon Lawrence‚ and Marcos Rocco. The actor was mistaken for Joey Lawrence at the Mercedes-Benz party. The actress was mistaken for the actor at the party. She was wearing a white gown‚ while the actor wore a red dress. At the event‚ she was seen with her dog. Ava DuVernay‚ who is a brand ambassador for the German company‚ said she had a great time. The Oscar party was attended by numerous celebrities‚ including Andrew Garfield‚ Liam Payne‚ and Pedro Almodovar. Other guests included Ava DuVernay‚ and Jacqueline Simpson. Other notable attendees of the event include Liam Payne‚ Zoe Kravitz‚ and Joey Lawrence. Some of the celebrities in attendance at the party included a number of other A-listers‚ as well as Ava DuVernay. Although it's a bizarre incident‚ the slap was a very real one. The actor was reportedly slapped by Will Smith and Oscar after a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith. Gigi's in the West Hollywood area was the next venue. A rumor that the slap might have come from the slap‚ as it didn't appear to be an apology.