Cleveland Browns release 5-time Pro Bowl WR Jarvis Landry

Tuesday, March 15, 2022
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The five-time Pro Bowl wide receiver has been released from the Cleveland Browns after they failed to reach a contract restructuring agreement. The move will free up $15 million in cash and salary-cap space for the Browns‚ and will allow them to address other needs in their offense. The team was hoping to restructure Landry's contract‚ but the free agent could not reach an agreement with the team. It was a sad day for Browns fans when the team announced the release of Landry‚ a five-time Pro Bowler. The rookie struggled in his rookie season with a knee injury and missed five games. The injury also caused him to miss a large part of the final months of the season. Although he returned to the field‚ the receiver did not play like he had been in the past. The Browns have cleared cap space by releasing Jarvis Landry. They will now have $12 million to spend on a wide receiver. A wide receiver is expected to make the majority of the starting role on the offensive line‚ but Landry should provide a solid foundation for the offense. The team's secondary is the key to success and Landry is the main weapon for the Browns.