Cody Rhodes edly Still Set For WrestleMania

Tuesday, March 15, 2022
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A recent report has claimed that WWE still has high hopes for Cody Rhodes to return to the company. This report‚ based on internal documents‚ claims that WWE is not putting any constraints on the future of the former AEW superstar. While the lack of a formal contract with WWE may suggest that the company is not interested in signing Cody Rhodes‚ the presence of this talented athlete on the WrestleMania card is a sign of the WWE's interest. In January 2016‚ Rhodes requested his release from WWE‚ claiming he was dissatisfied with his role as Stardust. During this time‚ he competed in top promotions such as New Japan Pro-Wrestling‚ Ring of Honor‚ and TNA/Impact Wrestling. It is unclear why WWE was so keen on signing Rhodes‚ but WWE creative is said to have worked on his character for The American Nightmare. The American Nightmare left AEW in early 2022.

cody rhodes edly still set for wrestlemania
Image source : sicom/im

The absence of a new contract meant that he became the hottest free agent in professional wrestling. However‚ WWE has been chasing him for a few weeks. It is now unlikely that he will appear at WrestleMania 38‚ but his future with the company is unclear. In the meantime‚ he isn't expected to appear at WrestleMania 38.