Coinbase Super Bowl Commercial Crashes the App

Monday, February 14, 2022
author picture Lucas Simon
Video/image : YouTube , Ekjotj3bdfuuem
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The Coinbase Super Bowl Commercial crashed the app for an estimated 117 million people. The ad was created by the same agency that produced the commercial for YouTube, which said that it would be free to download. The ad featured a QR code that bounced around the screen for a minute and offered viewers $15 in free Bitcoin and a chance to win $3 million. However, when the ad hit the internet, users reported that the website and app stopped working. The ad was the first to feature cryptocurrency and was created by Accenture Interactive, a digital agency. The ad featured a bouncing QR code, which was a direct response to the Coinbase Super Bowl commercial. The ad's goal was to attract new users by offering free Bitcoin. The ad was so successful that it was reported that 117 million people visited the site, but the Coinbase app crashed. This is a sign that the commercial is not very effective. It's important to understand that the commercial is only meant to attract new customers and isn't intended to be a full-length ad. During the Super Bowl, Coinbase ran a QR code ad.

The ad was 60 seconds long and showed a QR code that changed colors. The QR code was supposed to direct viewers to the Coinbase website, where they could claim the free $15 Bitcoin. But it appears that the ad was a failure. While it looks like the ad was successful, Coinbase's app and website crashed.