COLUMN 2022 Oscars red carpet looks that were literal works of art

Tuesday, March 29, 2022
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This year's Academy Awards red carpet was full-on‚ non-socially distanced and exciting. With so many different designers‚ colors and fabrics‚ this was a true mass fashion event. Hollywood does a great job of escapism‚ but the soaring temperatures and widespread disease could change the definition of elegance on the red carpet. Here are a few looks that are worthy of a second look. Kristen Stewart wore a chic silver Dior gown with statement sleeves and a stunning‚ elaborate hat. Maggie Gyllenhaal sported an eye-popping lavender camp dress by Schiaparelli. A gold embellishment on her dress evoked Surrealist-inspired earrings. A stunning tiara and a pair of sunglasses from Valentino and Prada made both actresses stand out on the red carpet. The 2022 Oscars red carpet had a more colorful‚ vibrant lineup than the last one. As usual‚ there was gold everywhere! Lupita Nyong'o wore a slinky‚ backless Prada gown while Maggie Gyllenhaal stunned in a dazzling Schiaparelli gown. Jada Pinkett Smith paired a sparkly necklace with her golden Chanel dress. Despite the red carpet's bright colors‚ there were some striking reds and golds as well. Kirsten Dunst's baby pink Versace dress paired with a sparkling piaget bustier was a visual masterpiece‚ while Ariana DeBose mixed pastels and metallics to a stunning effect. And‚ as usual‚ the men were equally regal and flamboyant on the Oscars‚ with Kodi Smit-McPhee and Sebastian Yatra wearing petal pink Moschino tuxedo shorts. There were many other memorable Oscars red carpet looks that were truly extraordinary. Lily James‚ in a baby pink Versace with a high-side slit‚ paired with a pair of glitzy Piaget jewels. Similarly‚ the black tuxedo of Andrew Garfield and Kenneth Branagh was a classic black and navy ensemble‚ while Jessica Chastain wore a glittering Gucci gown with a purple skirt. In addition to the sheer amount of gold‚ there were several stars who showed off their style. Lupita Nyong'o's sequined backless Prada was a work of art. Meanwhile‚ Maggie Gyllenhaal and Jada Pinkett Smith sported custom Louis Vuitton couture for the evening. And‚ in case you were wondering‚ The Power of the Dog was a winner. There were many stunning red carpet looks this year. From emerald green gowns to 23-carat Bulgari emeralds‚ the stars showed off their best designs. The evening was also notable for the sheer quantity of glitz and glam they wore.

column 2022 oscars red carpet looks that were literal works of art
Image source : idsnewsco

Unlike other years‚ the stars wore the most beautiful gowns in the night. While some of the Oscars red carpet looks were literal works of art‚ the best-dressed women were those who broke the rules of the fashion game. Olivia Colman and Denis Washington looked absolutely gorgeous in silver dresses by Dior and wore gold-embellished necklaces. Other celebrities who dazzled the crowd by wearing outrageous ensembles were Naomi Scott and Anna Dzieduszycka. There were a lot of beautiful and unique Oscars red carpet looks this year. The theme of the event was Movie Lovers Unite and a few stars opted to wear bow ties. Then there were the glamorous and fun-filled looks of the day. The star-studded awards had an equally impressive lineup this year. A few of the stars were the most popular on the red carpet‚ and the rest were more recognizable. A few notable exceptions to the rulebook were the Oscars. Despite the fact that this was a hybrid ceremony‚ the red carpet was still a work of art. As with any awards show‚ the gowns themselves were a work of art. While some wore traditional gowns‚ others were more daring and revealing. In some cases‚ there was an unexpected homage to a movie star.