Comedian Kunal Kamra Mocks Child Singing To PM, Rights Body

Friday, May 6, 2022
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Comedian Kunal Kamra Mocks Child Singing To PM Rights Body

It's hard to believe that a comedian would mock a child for singing to the Prime Minister (PM) on video‚ but that is exactly what happened recently in Delhi. The comedian changed the patriotic song to one from the 2010 Bollywood film Peepli Live and credited the father for forcing the child to sing in front of the PM. The video has been widely shared on social media‚ despite the child's father threatening legal action and asking the comedian to keep the child out of filthy politics.

Kunal Kamra replaces patriotic song with song from 2010 movie 'Peepli Live'

In a tweet‚ stand-up comedian Kunal Kamra has morphed a video of a 7-year-old boy singing in front of PM Modi in Berlin into a parody of the child's performance. The complaint was taken cognizance of by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR). The original song was a patriotic one‚ but Kamra replaced it with a song from the 2010 movie 'Peepli Live'. NCPCR said it is a violation of the Juvenile Justice Act to use a child to promote political ideologies. They have asked Delhi Police to take action against Kamra. They also stated that using minors in political propaganda is damaging to their mental health. The NCPCR said the video was posted on Twitter during PM Modi's trip to Germany for a roundtable meeting on child rights.

Kunal Kamra blames father for pushing child to sing in front of PM

A comedian has shared a video on social media claiming to show PM Modi and a child in Germany. The comedian replaced the child's song with inflation-themed one. It has been criticized by both the child and his father‚ who has requested the video to be taken down. Kamra has responded by saying that it wasn't his son's fault and that the joke is not on him. The Times of India called Narendra Modi a modern-day Nero and the Minority Minister said the Prime Minister was protecting the perpetrators of the Godhra riots. In response to these accusations‚ the Minority Minister and the Delhi Police Commissioner said that our visit to the home of PM Rahul Gandhi was routine. The BJP‚ which supports the rights of children‚ has firmly denied any conflict of interest in this case. However‚ the BJP rejects this‚ saying that self-interest always wins over the national interest. The BBC investigation into the case focused on Mukesh Singh's alleged remarks against women. In a bizarre twist‚ the report blamed the victim for pushing the child to sing in front of the PM Rights Body. The Times of India also reported on the case. This article was published in the Bangalore Mirror. The government plans to take legal action against the film-maker‚ claiming that the allegations are unfounded. In the meantime‚ the Opposition did not stop imitating the strategy employed by the Opposition. A number of UPA members also followed suit. The Opposition urged the child to sing in front of the PM Rights Body and demanded that she perform in front of the body. While this tactic might sound a little strange to some‚ it is true.

Kunal Kamra refuses to back down over morphed video

A stand-up comedian from Mumbai has refused to apologize for deleting a morphed video of PM Modi singing a patriotic song in front of him on Twitter. The original video was of a boy singing patriotic songs in front of the PM in Berlin. But after Kunal Kamra morphed it‚ he replaced the original song with a Bollywood song on inflation. This has angered many people‚ including the PM himself. The video was posted on May 3‚ and has since received over 16 thousand likes and 2‚500 retweets. The comedian has been accused of using a child's image to further his political agenda. It is unclear whether the video is in violation of the Child Rights Commission's guidelines. In any case‚ Kamra has been asked to explain himself. If he is unable to explain his action‚ he will have to defend himself against the child's wrongful exploitation. The comedian has been issued a contempt of court notice for his comments on social media. In his affidavit‚ he argued that he respects a food court at a shopping mall more than the Supreme Court. He also claimed that the entire case involving the Supreme Court is Brahmin Baniya.

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