Cops step in after frustrated Ted Cruz clashes with Montana airport

Tuesday, March 22, 2022
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A video of Senator Ted Cruz arguing with a Montana airport employee went viral on Sunday‚ catching many by surprise. The Republican from Texas was reportedly upset about missing a flight and was fighting with the airline staff about his identity. He was subsequently rebooked and left the airport later that night. Fortunately‚ police arrived quickly to stop the escapade. The incident occurred at the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport in Montana‚ where Ted Cruz had just missed his flight. Apparently‚ he got upset and argued with the airline employees. Luckily‚ law enforcement was there to intervene. After a few minutes‚ the senator got his own flight back to Washington. Despite the incident‚ he has yet to publicly address the issue. An eyewitness told ABC News that Sen. Ted Cruz got into an argument with airport employees while waiting for his flight on Sunday. During the exchange‚ the senator was wearing a mask‚ so it wasn't clear who he was talking to. But‚ one bystander said he saw Cruz accomplish[ing] airline employees and asked them for their names. Several minutes later‚ police arrived and helped calm the situation. An airport public safety officer helped the senator defuse the situation‚ and they have not commented publicly on the incident. The senator has since returned to Washington D.C. to attend the confirmation hearings of federal judge Kentanji Brown Jackson. It was not immediately clear what happened‚ but the ensuing argument was enough to prompt law enforcement to intervene. This video also prompted the public to take action and report it. The Senate candidate allegedly clashed with airline employees while waiting to check in for his flight at a Montana airport. The video he was talking to shows the senator getting all Karen on the airline employees. The senator was asked for the names of the managers of the two companies‚ and a police officer was called shortly afterward. The incident has been reported on social media and has prompted a flurry of legal actions. The Senator got into an argument with a Montana airport security officer at the airport on Thursday. He was wearing a COVID face mask while arguing with the airport employees. A spokesperson for the senator's office said the situation was atypical for the senator‚ but did not elaborate on the specifics. The tweet also made a joke about the fact that he was in the middle of a civilized discussion. A federal regulation enforcement officer stepped in after Senator Ted Cruz clashed with a Montana airport staff member.

cops step in after frustrated ted cruz clashes with montana airport
Image source : indy100co

After the senator's argument‚ an airport employee called in a police officer to help calm down the frustrated politician. The senator has not publicly commented on the incident‚ but a flurry of reports on the incident have flooded the internet. The police officer who stepped in were surprised by the senator's behavior‚ but it was not surprising. A video showing the senator getting into a heated argument with a United Airlines employee at the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport in Montana has gone viral. An eyewitness to the incident says that the senator was speaking to the employees in a loud voice and demanding their names. The airline employees did not respond to his requests and eventually a law enforcement officer was called to the scene. Regardless of the reason for the altercation‚ the senator wore a COVID face mask and spoke with the airline staff. A police officer stepped in after the frustrated senator clashed with the Montana airport staff. The incident has prompted many people to criticize the Texas senator and his wife. Although the pair were not involved‚ it is unknown what their conversations were about.