Country Star Eric Church Cancels His Saturday Concert to

Thursday, March 31, 2022
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If you are a fan of country music‚ you may be disappointed to learn that Country Star Eric Church Cancels His Saturday Night Concert to Watch NCAA Final Four Basketball Game. However‚ the Nashville superstar has a reason for his decision. He has frequently expressed his love for the University of North Carolina and its Tar Heels basketball team. That's why he decided to cancel a sold-out concert in San Antonio to catch the big game. The concert in San Antonio is the only show in his The Gather Again Tour‚ but fans were devastated when he canceled. In a statement Wednesday‚ the country singer said he needed to go to the game to cheer on the Tar Heels. The fan base has supported the star since the first album came out‚ and he's a big Tar Heels fan. In a subsequent statement‚ he apologized to fans and rescheduled the show. Some fans were in shock when Eric Church canceled the show to attend the Final Four. As a fan of the North Carolina Tar Heels‚ he's a huge Duke fan‚ so the upcoming show was a perfect fit for him. Besides‚ he'll be able to watch the game with his family in New Orleans. The country star also vowed to stay away from Duke's game for as long as possible. A few weeks ago‚ it was reported that the North Carolina Tar Heels star Eric Church was canceling his show in San Antonio to watch the Final Four. The University of North Carolina is hosting the Final Four and Eric Church plans to attend to support the Tar Heels. The artist's decision to miss the show was a surprise to fans who were disappointed he was unable to make it. It was not until Tuesday that he confirmed that he was cancelling the show. The Country Star Eric Church Cancels His Saturday Concert to Watch the NCAA Finals. While he's a Duke fan‚ his decision to attend the basketball game will still be disappointing to his fans. On Wednesday‚ he said the decision was made due to poor ticket sales. Regardless of the reasons behind his decision‚ he's not letting the basketball game spoil his day. He'll instead be watching the Finals in New Orleans. After being unable to find a suitable date for the concert‚ Eric Church canceled his show in San Antonio. The country star will be attending the Final Four basketball game this weekend. While the game is not important to the country star‚ the fact that he's a Tar Heels fan shouldn't be overlooked. While the concert was cancelled‚ the singer is still able to watch the Finals. Another reason for canceling his Saturday concert is the NCAA tournament.

country star eric church cancels his saturday concert to
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He's a huge Tar Heels fan‚ so it makes sense that he'd want to watch the Finals instead of watching a basketball game. On Wednesday‚ he sent a message to fans stating that he couldn't make it to the event because of ticket sales. He said he wasn't able to attend the event because of the basketball game. The news is bad news for fans who adore the country singer. Although he's been a part of the country music industry for a long time‚ he's always been focused on his career and building loyal fanbase. That's why he cancelled his Saturday concert to watch the NCAA Final Four. The cancellation of the San Antonio show has left many fans feeling frustrated. Luckily‚ fans are able to attend the show despite the late notice. The Country Star Eric Church Cancels His Saturday Concert to Attend College Basketball Game. He's a huge North Carolina Tar Heels fan and has been for years. As a result‚ the cancellation is a big blow to the college basketball team and the fans. The singer is a big fan of the Tar Heels. The concert was originally scheduled for April 2‚ but the artist rescheduled it to be able to attend the Final Four.