Covid spring booster vaccine: Who is eligible and how to book

Tuesday, March 22, 2022
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If you are over 75 and live in a care home‚ you are now eligible for an extra Covid spring booster vaccination. You can also get this vaccine if you have a certain health condition that makes you a higher risk of infection. Earlier this year‚ the NHS rolled out the fourth and final dose of the Covid vaccine for people who were not previously immune. The UK government's Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation said there are still more people who may be able to get a fifth dose. However‚ you should wait until you are six months away from the first vaccination for maximum protection. The NHS has started a new phase in its Covid vaccination campaign‚ with the fourth and final round of the vaccination aimed at vulnerable groups. People over 75‚ those with immunosuppressed conditions‚ and those in care homes will all be contacted when it is their turn. Once you receive an invitation‚ you can book an appointment on the NHS's national booking service‚ by calling NHS 119. The NHS has contacted care homes to invite eligible people to get the spring booster jab. Those in these groups can book an appointment from 7am on Monday. More than five million people are expected to receive invitations to have the vaccine. The Covid spring booster vaccination has become a nationwide health campaign‚ and the NHS has recruited extra call handlers to make sure it is administered to as many people as possible. Those in Northern Ireland who are immune-compromised will be offered the Covid spring booster vaccine this week. The vaccination programme will be completed in April and May. It is hoped that as many people as possible will get the vaccination. The new schedule is aimed to protect everyone from the omicron wave. The NHS has also announced that the new series of the Covid jab will be offered to more people than ever before. The NHS is offering the fourth Covid spring booster jab this week to those who are vulnerable. The vaccination will be available from 7am in Northern Ireland to people over 75 years old‚ and will also be available to immunocompromised people aged 12 and over. If you are not immune to the vaccine‚ the vaccination is a vital part of your health and will protect you against the virus. In the UK‚ the Covid vaccination program will be administered to these groups on a regular basis. The latest phase of the Covid vaccination campaign is now underway. The spring Covid jab will be available for those who are age 75 or older or those who are immuno-compromised. This new vaccine will be administered to vulnerable groups who will not be able to attend the clinic themselves. A national booking service telephone line has been set up to handle the increased demand. And hundreds of pharmacies and vaccine centres will be able to help patients get the necessary vaccinations. The NHS is now offering the fourth Covid vaccination this week. The vaccination will be offered to vulnerable groups on Monday‚ 21 March. There are 600‚000 invitations to get the jab from the NHS. The NHS has contacted care homes to let them know that these people are eligible for the vaccination. These individuals are typically older and immunocompromised and will be given the moderna or Pfizer vaccine. If you are immune-compromised or a vulnerable adult‚ you can be vaccinated with the latest Covid vaccination this week. The NHS will contact care homes to make sure the people who are eligible will get the injection. The deadline for booking the spring vaccination is Monday‚ and the NHS will contact care homes to arrange the jab. In the meantime‚ you should book an appointment with the healthcare professional to get the vaccine. The next Covid spring vaccination will be offered to vulnerable people. The NHS will contact these people and let them know when their turn is. Once they are invited‚ they will be contacted and invited to book an appointment with their local health service. After they have been notified‚ they will be contacted to get the vaccination. They will then be able to book their appointment with the healthcare professional. In this way‚ the vaccination will be safe.