Crews battle fire at potato processing plant in Belfast

Friday, March 25, 2022
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A fire has broken out at a potato processing facility in Belfast. The Penobscot-McCrum facility is located on Pierce Street and was closed after a large fire broke out early Tuesday. The building is made of metal‚ and contains several tanks containing ammonia. The plant is now closed‚ but it's unclear whether employees will be able to return. It's unclear how many employees were injured. The fire is still under control‚ but there is no indication on what caused it. The plant is equipped with heavy machinery and processes oil to produce a wide variety of food products. The company has been operating in Belfast since the early 1900s‚ but the city's emergency preparedness is still under the radar. As of Wednesday morning‚ firefighters were working to extinguish the blaze. The building's location in northern Belfast makes it difficult for the company to operate. The fire has destroyed an office building and was still being battled by the fire department. At 2:00 a.m. ET‚ the Rt. 1 bridge was reopened after two hours. The fire was contained quickly. The company has a long history of processing potatoes in Belfast. The company has had the plant for many years‚ so there's no reason why it's not able to operate again in the area. The fire has destroyed the entire building at the Penobscot McCrum potato processing plant in Belfast. The company employs eight people‚ and the blaze has damaged the building and several offices. All employees were able to evacuate the building. Waldo County EMA initially ordered the residents of Belfast to take shelter in nearby homes‚ but later ordered them to evacuate. The firefighters will continue their efforts to protect the workers. The fire in the potato processing plant has left the building uninhabitable. At about 2:00 a.m. ET‚ the Rt. 1 bridge has reopened. The fire has affected many businesses in the area‚ including a nearby nursing home. The McCrum family has been in business for several decades. Its Belfast location was the site of a Governor's visit last week. The fire at the Belfast Potato Processing Plant is still burning. The city's emergency services are battling to put the blaze out. The plant's ammonia tanks are a major concern. There are more than 100 employees at the facility‚ but it's unclear how many will survive. Thankfully‚ all of them are safe. Despite the extensive damage‚ it remains a major loss of life. At 2 a.m.‚ the fire in the Penobscot McCrum Potato Processing Plant has destroyed the entire building complex. The fire has been confined to the office building‚ but the facility is still functional‚ and there are no reports of injuries or deaths. Its ammonia tanks are the main cause of concern‚ according to firefighters.

crews battle fire at potato processing plant in belfast
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A spokesperson for the city said that there have been no reported. The fire has burned through the office building and is still threatening the factory's ammonia tanks. Although it has destroyed the building‚ it's unclear what caused the fire. The city has not released the cause of the fire. There's no word yet on how many employees have been displaced. The blaze is a major concern for the town. It may have been started in the fry room‚ but officials are not sure. The fire has caused extensive damage to the building. The Ammonia tanks‚ which store the nitrogen that feeds the fire‚ are a major concern. The fire is also causing a hazard to the surrounding buildings. The ammonia tanks are in close proximity to the building. The water level in the river is at dangerously high‚ but the company has been able to prevent the spread of the fire by putting out a water-saturated zone. The city's emergency response team has responded to the fire at the Penobscot McCrum plant in Belfast‚ Maine‚ because the building contains ammonia tanks. The ammonia tanks were filled with water‚ which caused the fire. The hazmat team‚ which was called in to investigate the incident‚ has been called to the scene. The city also advised the public to shelter in place.