Curfew imposed in 10 police station limits in Jodhpur over

Tuesday, May 3, 2022
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Internet Services Suspended in Jodhpur Over Eid Clashes

Internet services have been suspended in Jodhpur after curfew is imposed across the city. Dispute over religious flags is at the center of the conflict. Stone pelting has also been reported. Violent clashes between the community and police have been reported. The chief minister has urged people to maintain order in line with the town's tradition of love and brotherhood.

Stone pelting

After Eid prayers‚ stone pelters threw stones on houses and shops in the Jalori gate area in Jodhpur. Police lathi-charged miscreants and fired tear gas shells to disperse them. The incident started as a clash sparked over a missing saffron flag on the Eid flag pole outside the home of freedom fighter Balmukund Bissa‚ and snowballed into stone pelting and clashes. Earlier‚ the local administration in Jodhpur imposed a curfew in 10 police station limits‚ including the Jalori Gate area. The authorities suspended mobile internet services and imposed a curfew in the area‚ which was meant to prevent the spread of rumours. Earlier‚ the police had issued a statement saying that the curfew was imposed to protect the peace in the city. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has summoned high-level meetings with state government officials and other stakeholders to resolve the situation. Chief Secretary Usha Sharma‚ ACS Abhay Kumar‚ DG Crime Ravi Prakash Mehra and DG Intelligence Umesh Mishra attended the meeting. Gehlot also called for meetings of community liaison groups across the state to address the situation peacefully. In addition to the meeting‚ he has instructed the ADGP (Law and Order) and the Minister of State for Home Rajendra Yadav to fly to Jodhpur via helicopter. In Jodhpur‚ markets were closed for two days due to the tension. RAC companies were deployed at Jalori Gate. The MP Gajendra Singh Shekhawat was present at the gate‚ pleading for calm in the city. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot cancelled all birthday programmes‚ and instructed the police to deal with anti-social elements. The situation became tense in the Alwar district on April 5‚ as tensions flared up over a Hindu temple. BJP leader Amit Shah announced a statewide agitation on May 5. With the BJP in power‚ the Hindutva agenda is gaining momentum ahead of the assembly elections in the state next year. This time around‚ the BJP is planning a statewide agitation to protest against the temple demolition.

Dispute over religious flags

A clash erupted in the city of Jodhpur before Eid on Tuesday. The police had to halt internet services after clashes broke out in the Jalori Gate area. Dispute over religious flags has prompted authorities to impose a curfew in the 10 police station limits of Jodhpur. The chief minister Ashok Gehlot has appealed for peace and the administration has ordered its police personnel to maintain peace. Local government officials have slammed the BJP state president Satish Poonia for putting up an Islamic flag on a statue of a freedom fighter. They also demanded that the BJP government should establish 'rule of law' in the state. The chief minister‚ Ashok Gehlot‚ has cancelled all birthday programmes and instructed the police to deal with anti-social elements. The BJP is appealing for calm amid the violence. The Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has directed his police officials to prevent communal clashes in Jodhpur. On Tuesday‚ 10 police station limits of the city were closed for three hours. In order to ensure peace‚ police have increased their presence. And to prevent further clashes‚ mobile internet services were also suspended in the area until 1pm on Wednesday. The internet services in the district were also suspended until further notice due to the unrest in the Jalori Gate area. Many people had been injured in the clashes. The Rajasthan police have not yet explained why the internet was halted in the district until further notice. While internet service was suspended in the district‚ a dispute over religious flags broke out. In the aftermath‚ angry people gathered at a crossroad to set up loudspeakers. During the dispersal of the crowds‚ tension and stone pelting increased. The Muslim community has also put up Eid flags in the vicinity of a Hindu temple. Gehlot's office has chaired a high-level meeting‚ during which several restrictions have been imposed. The BJP has criticized Gehlot‚ citing the clashes in Jodhpur.

Violent clashes between community and police

On the first day of the festival‚ two communities clashed in the Jalauri Gate area over a flag dispute. Stone pelting and hoisting of the Eid flag resulted in the clashes‚ in which four policemen were injured and at least 16 people were injured. A high-level review meeting was convened by Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and police personnel were flown into the city in a helicopter. Ashok Gehlot‚ who is in the city on official duties‚ tweeted that he would maintain peace in the city. The clashes escalated when crowds dispersed. Miscreants hurled stones towards police and community leaders. One community even burnt a Lord Parashuram flag‚ which is a common practice in the town. The community's religious identity is represented by the BJP‚ which has been targeting the state government for its stance on the issue. The party is planning a big rally in Alwar on May 5 following the incident of communal violence. On the day before Eid‚ authorities in Jodhpur had imposed a curfew in 10 police station limits to prevent communal unrest and promote peace. The chief minister appealed to the public to maintain peace and coexistence and imposed a curfew‚ which the deputy commissioner of police said was intended to control rumours and ensure that people do not cause any trouble. Meanwhile‚ there was a dispute over whether Muslim flags were erected on the Jalori gate circle. Stone pelting also resulted in the injury of five policemen. The state administration has held a press conference in Jodhpur‚ saying that the communal tensions in the city have triggered a serious deterioration of law and order in the city. The state's Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has directed officials to take strict action against those responsible for the deterioration of the law and order situation. In another incident on Monday‚ communal tension led to stone pelting and police firing tear gas shells in an attempt to regain control of the situation. The violence erupted in the Jalori Gate area‚ where stone-pelting and other violent acts took place. Fortunately‚ authorities acted quickly to restore order‚ but there is still a significant risk of conflict in the area.

Internet services suspended in Jodhpur

As a result of the clashes between two teams in Jodhpur‚ the district administration has temporarily suspended all internet services‚ including voice calls‚ broadband internet and leased lines. The district administration has appealed to the local community to stay calm and respect the law. This ban was imposed following several incidents where police vehicles were vandalised and several people were arrested. CCTV footage has emerged showing a youth with a sword‚ while police officers are searching for the perpetrators. On Monday night‚ clashes erupted between two communities in the Jalori Gate area‚ leading to stone pelting. Internet services were suspended in the city until midnight‚ and a curfew was imposed in 10 police station limits. The chief minister of the state appealed to the local community to keep peace. The state government dispatched a four-member team‚ led by Abhay Kumar‚ to Jodhpur. They toured affected areas and provided inputs to the chief minister Ashok Gehlot. As a precaution‚ internet services in Jodhpur were suspended Tuesday evening. During the curfew‚ namaz was offered under police protection. The chief minister of Jodhpur called the situation unfortunate‚ stating that the BJP is not capable of controlling inflation or unemployment. As a result‚ it is deliberately diverting attention by flying Eid flags. After the incident‚ Ashok Gehlot ordered all ministers and the in-charge ministers to travel to Jodhpur‚ where he chaired a high-level review meeting. During the incident‚ the police used tear gas shells to disperse the crowd. The incident also resulted in the arrest of three police officers. Further‚ Ashok Gehlot's visit prompted a restraining order on the Internet in Jodhpur.