Daily harvest customers claim that the brand's lentil crumbles caused severe pain and liver damage. They want to know the truth

Thursday, June 23, 2022
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Daily Harvest and Liver Enzymes

The Daily Harvest company has recently been making headlines‚ thanks to an unexpected side effect. Its products are supposed to help patients with gastrointestinal symptoms‚ but that may not be the case. The product is made from lentils‚ a legume that may cause a variety of symptoms‚ including nausea‚ vomiting‚ and diarrhea. However‚ it has been linked to other health issues‚ including liver disease‚ gallstones‚ and cancer.

Daily Harvest customers claim that the French Lentil Leek Crusts caused them severe illness. Photo: Getty Creative Daily Harvest is under fire for its meal delivery service. Many customers complained about serious side effects after eating one of their products. The company‚ which makes plant-based smoothies and bowls‚ sent an email instructing consumers to stop eating frozen French Lentil Leek Crusts on Sunday. This was after some people complained of gastrointestinal discomfort. It stated that the message was sent in an abundance of caution. The email stated that lentils should be cooked until they reach 165 degrees. Raw lentils are a legume that contains a protein which can lead to gastrointestinal problems. Social media is telling a completely different story. Abigail Silverman was a creative director at. Cosmopolitantook to tiktok she shared that she felt shaken after she read the Daily Harvest email. It explained her health crisis and how she had been dealing over the past month since she received a Daily Harvest press release. (Yahoo Life tried to reach Silverman‚ but she hasn't heard back. She recalled that I began to feel severe stomach pains and gastric discomfort and was admitted to the hospital in the middle the night. They couldn't diagnose what had happened to me while I was at the ER. My liver was elevated and I also had some bacteria in my urine.

The doctors could not determine the exact cause or the reason. Silverman realized‚ after reading the Daily Harvest email that it wasn't just her who was suffering from extreme side effects due to the product. Silverman posted screenshots from her TikTok of social media posts that showed dozens of users sharing their stories of extreme pain‚ hospital visits‚ and elevated liver enzymes. Caroline Sweet One such individual was a Los Angeles-based actor‚ writer‚ and producer‚ Sweet. She shared her experiences on social media. Sweet spoke to Yahoo Life over the telephone and explained that she had made tacos with Daily Harvest last Tuesday night. She also experienced many other strange symptoms. After eating dinner‚ she felt stomach cramps that were almost as severe as her diaphragm. She was in pain by morning and said that the stomach cramping felt almost like she was in pain. She had a fever of 101 hours later. She couldn't get up for two days. She noticed her urine turning very dark after she felt better Saturday. The feces she produced was clear. She decided to visit the emergency department. Yahoo Life tells her that although I don't know the exact cause‚ things made from white poo can be quite unpleasant. You might wonder if my gallbladder is involved. It could be cancer. She was diagnosed with elevated liver enzymes after she underwent tests. Just as she was about to leave her abdominal scan‚ the email arrived. She said that I had thrown my phone over my bed in the hospital. These are the crumbles. It is insane. As I lay down in the hospital‚ my email said‚ "Some people experience minor GI discomfort." Sweet was released from hospital that day and is feeling much better. She will be having her liver examined this week. She wants to find out what caused her illness. Reddit is a place where people share their experiences with the same conditions‚ and some are even having their crumbles tested. However‚ so far no one has reported any results. Los Angeles-based jewelry designer and content creator jenna dargenzio also‚ she experienced frightening symptoms following eating French Lentil Leek Crumbles. However‚ it wasn't until Silverman's TikTok that the puzzles began to make sense. In May‚ she received an email from Daily Harvest informing her that the company had sent her a PR package. This was more than one month after Daily Harvest's warning email. Yahoo Life learns that Dargenzio went to hospital after eating the dinner product.
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Although she was suspected of having a UTI (urinary tract infection)‚ the ER doctors couldn't diagnose her. She claims that her pain reacted to the morphine and she was able to take it off. In extreme pain she went home and returned to the ER to get a CT scan. However‚ no answers were provided. Dargenzio did not give the French Lentil Leek Crusts a reason for her symptoms. She didn't throw the product out like the company suggests. Marc‚ her husband‚ then took the crumbles. Dargenzio claims he also experienced severe itching. This can indicate liver disease. His test results are still pending. Dargenzio‚ who is still waiting for his test results‚ says that a doctor ordered a sample of Dargenzio's stool after the normal result from her endoscopy. Luke Wesley Pearson A Portland‚ Ore.-based blogger and influencer‚ who advocates healthy living and veganism‚ was disturbed to discover that his health problems could be related to the French Lentil Leek Crumbles he had received as a PR pack in May. He received the Daily Harvest email. He explained that he also experienced severe symptoms. After eating the crumbles May 29th‚ he experienced pain in his diaphragm. This left him tossing around all night. However‚ things got worse when he had them again June 6. He experienced severe stomach pain the previous week‚ and his symptoms worsened when he was hit with a fever and body ache. Pearson sent an email to Yahoo Life explaining that she was experiencing the worst bilateral lower back pain in her life. It started when Pearson was sleeping. Due to severe pain‚ my wife was forced to assist me in standing up and sitting down. My urine was very dark and my hands and feet were itchy. This doctor performed bloodwork and an urinalysis. Here I discovered that I had very elevated liver enzymes (400-700)‚ and high levels of bilirubin.
The doctor sent him home‚ and advised that he would return to the ER if his condition worsened. He went to the ER on June 9 for a CT. His skin and eyes looked yellow. This could be indicative of severe issues such as hepatitis or gallstones. The next day‚ June 10‚ I phoned my doctor to inform her that I was aware of the situation and that I should go to the ER. He writes that I was admitted to hospital after spending 26 hours in the ER getting blood tests. My tests were negative for UTI‚ COVID and hepatitis. Although I didn't have gallbladder pain the doctors suggested that my gallstone might have blocked a duct and caused liver enzymes spikes. Although there wasn't any proof of it‚ the doctors recommended that my gallbladder be removed to relieve symptoms and avoid this happening again. [On] June 12 I had surgery. We had already ruled out many possibilities‚ so they decided to remove my gallbladder. This would allow my liver and liver to heal. Pearson claims he eats lentils regularly so he doesn't believe food poisoning is the reason for his problems. Pearson never thought of Daily Harvest until Silverman sent it to him. When I noticed it‚ I lay down on my back and began to watch. I immediately got up from the bed. He says that I thought it was a matter of time before the thing clicked. Kelsey my wife remembered me eating crumbles in the kitchen on June 6‚ when my stomachaches began. Then I remembered what I had eaten on May 29‚ when that was the first time I felt that I experienced stomach pains. It was a moment of clarity and it has been overwhelming‚ traumatizing and difficult to deal with all the while I am recovering from surgery. It was also validating to hear from others who experienced it. Internist and cardiology fellow Dr. Siyab Panthwar says that the Daily Harvest patients appear to have acute food poisoning. Obviously‚ it is too early to confidently say what exactly caused this but my best guess is either contamination with a toxin‚ such as mold‚ spoiled ingredients at one or more of the many manufacturing/packaging/shipping steps‚ he tells Yahoo Life. It appears that the acute liver injury is temporary‚ thanks to any of the toxins that can cause liver damage‚ which eventually heals. Hospitalization is required for liver damage monitoring. Although I don't think there will‚ it remains to be determined if there is any lasting damage. Rudolph Bedford‚ a gastroenterologist‚ has never treated the Daily Harvest patients. He also said that it is likely difficult for doctors to diagnose why the symptoms are occurring. This could be because‚ although the bacteria‚ virus‚ or parasite may have cleared their system by the time they get to the hospital‚ the residual effects can still exist. Bedford states that although different bacteria may cause nausea and vomiting‚ viral infections like hepatitis A could cause liver dysfunction. He explains that food poisoning is more likely to be absorbed quickly‚ while hepatitis B tends not to stay. Because bacteria is not acting directly on the liver‚ it doesn't cause liver damage or disease. The company took to social media to acknowledge the scandal by changing the caption on an Instagram photo from June 12‚ featuring their Walnut Thyme Crumbles‚ to add‚ UPDATE 06/19: A crucial message about our French Lentil Leek Crumbles. Details are available in the bio. Daily Harvest has a statement on the subject. Since then‚ the post was deleted. Daily Harvest stated in a statement sent to Yahoo Life on June 21‚ that:
We are committed to the safety and health of all our customers. Every day‚ we appreciate the trust that you place in us and the food we serve. Customers have reported that French Lentil Leeks Crumbles can cause gastrointestinal problems. To address the concerns raised by customers‚ we immediately contacted all those who had received French Lentil Leek Crusts and instructed them to throw it out. In accordance with regulations‚ we simultaneously began an investigation together with both internal and external specialists throughout the supply chain. More information will be shared as soon as possible. We have always believed that food should be taken care of so you can take good care of your food. Quality‚ safety and transparency will always be top priorities. Please dispose of any French Lentil Leek Crusts and don't eat them. If you have questions or concerns‚ please feel free to email us at [email protected] so we can follow up with you directly.
The company had its first share on June 22nd. A separate statement about Instagram It will address what is being called a voluntary recall. Daily Harvest stated that it is investigating the cause of health problems being reported. Daily Harvest worked with FDA and independent experts.
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Yahoo Life has yet to be confirmed by the FDA that an investigation into Daily Harvest continues. If an investigation is in progress or planned‚ the FDA can't confirm this or deny it. This information isn't already on our website. Outbreak Investigations table It sent an email to Yahoo Life‚ on June 21‚ with this statement. The FDA does take reports about possible food adulteration that could also lead to illness or injury seriously. An FDA investigator will visit the complainant‚ take samples of food and conduct inspections depending on how serious the issue is. The FDA may also monitor complaints of less serious nature and those which appear to be isolated. This information could be useful during future inspections to assist in the identification of problem areas within a plant. During these inspections‚ the company's management is also notified. Important to remember that if specific guidance is possible for consumers (e.g.‚ avoiding a particular contaminated food)‚ then the FDA or CDC will issue outbreak advisory communications. Pearson claims that Daily Harvest has not done enough to tackle what he considers a serious health crisis. He says they're not doing enough. He says that people are currently being treated for possible liver damage and others‚ like myself‚ might have their gallbladders removed. Since we don't know the cause‚ doctors are unable to tell us what we should test for. We need to find out the findings of testing so that we can get the right treatment. The company claims to be health-centric. According to their website‚ "From seed to plate‚" they are committed to improving the food system. However‚ this response hasn't been about prioritizing health. We deserve answers. Get lifestyle and wellbeing news sent straight to your inbox  sign up here Subscribe to Yahoo Life's Newsletter.