Danilo Gallinari returned to the Atlanta Hawks lineup with a bang

Thursday, April 7, 2022
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Danilo Gallinari Returns to the Atlanta Hawks Lineup

Having missed Tuesday's game against the Raptors‚ Danilo Gallinari will return to the Atlanta Hawks' starting lineup Wednesday night‚ with Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot moving to the bench. Gallinari averages 11.3 points‚ 4.6 rebounds‚ and 1.6 assists per game. He is questionable for Wednesday's game against Washington‚ but will play if healthy.

Danilo Gallinari returns to Atlanta Hawks lineup

Atlanta Hawks forward Danilo Gallinari returns to the lineup with a bang after a one-game absence. The Hawks signed Gallinari during the offseason in an effort to replace injured starter John Collins. Gallinari is expected to start Wednesday night's game against the Wizards. His backcourt mates are Trae Young and Kevin Huerter. De'Andre Hunter is expected to start‚ as well. Clint Capela is expected to sit on the bench. Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot will return to the bench. The Hawks will also be without the injured John Collins for the next three weeks. The Atlanta Hawks beat the Washington Wizards 118-103 on Tuesday night. This win saved their playoff hopes‚ but they need help from their Eastern Conference brothers. If they beat the Cavs and the Thunder lose to the Bucks‚ they'll host a play-in game and earn the final seed. While it's unlikely that the Hawks are able to sign Gallinari for next season‚ they have the cap space to sign him. Despite the loss to the Raptors‚ the Hawks have already won their last two games. With the loss‚ they have locked themselves into play-in situations‚ and there's a chance that the regulars will rest for this game. However‚ De'Andre Hunter scored 20 points‚ Clint Capela scored 10‚ and Bogi Bogdanovic added 19 points. The Hawks' regulars could rest this week and focus on the rest of the season. But‚ before they do‚ they need to beat the Hornets and get the rest they need to get back in shape for the playoffs. The Atlanta Hawks have struggled at defense and are averaging only 111.2 points per game. They have great shooting percentages across the board‚ but their defense is terrible‚ which will hinder the Hawks' hopes for a championship this season. As a result‚ Gallinari's return to the lineup may be a necessary addition for the Hawks in the second half of the season and in the playoffs.

Juanito leads Atlanta Hawks in rebounds per game

After missing several games with minor injuries‚ Danilo Gallinari returned to the starting lineup on Tuesday against the Toronto Raptors. Despite playing just 39 minutes‚ Gallinari finished with 10 rebounds and his second double-double of the season. Despite being sidelined for four games in a row‚ Gallinari appears to be peaking heading into the postseason. After a disappointing game Saturday against the Nets‚ Impact Huerter got back on track on Tuesday‚ recording his fifth 20-point game in as many games. This is arguably the best stretch in his young career‚ and the Hawks need him to continue this hot streak. However‚ with John Collins likely to miss the rest of the regular season‚ and Danilo Gallinari missing time due to a strained hamstring‚ Juanito is the next best option. The Atlanta Hawks have won four straight games since adding Delon Wright and Antoine Walker in the offseason. With this win‚ the Hawks are now officially in the play-in tournament and will play the Toronto Raptors in Toronto on Wednesday. A win would keep the Hawks within striking distance of the No. 1 seed.

Bogdanovic's efficiency has become 'player of the game'

Although he started the season on the bench‚ Bogdanovic has passed Buddy Hield to become Sacramento's starting shooting guard. The last four months‚ he has seen his averages improve to 15.1 points‚ 4.2 assists‚ and 46.4 percent shooting. His efficiency has helped him rise above most rookies‚ and his assist-to-turnover ratio ranks third. He is also a good defensive option on the wing. The Jazz have found their best player in Bogdanovic. The center has shown his skill by scoring 36 points and shooting 11-of-13 from three-point range. Even when he is guarded by Aaron Gordon‚ Bogdanovic still manages to put up solid numbers. He averaged 17.2 points and 3.9 rebounds per game in his first two seasons in the NBA‚ and his efficiency has earned him the 'player of the game' title. Although many critics have lauded his efficiency and scoring ability‚ there are several reasons for Bogdanovic's success. His high efficiency came from a lack of confidence. His shooting percentages improved when he began hitting shots with more consistency. Bogdanovic is an excellent spot-up shooter and a high-percentage catch-and-shoot player. He is also good from the midrange and corner‚ and is a solid finisher around the rim. As his production has increased‚ his confidence has returned. Although he had missed 25 games due to injury‚ he averaged nine points per game in 23 minutes‚ while shooting 38.5% from the floor and 36.2% from 3-point range. Bogdanovic's recent midseason resurgence has made him a 'player of the game' candidate. When asked what he would do with the bench role‚ McMillan assured him that it is for the best for him.


The Atlanta Hawks will welcome back Danilo Gallinari on Wednesday‚ following the veteran forward's absence for two games with a knee injury. The Hawks will likely shift Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot to the bench. Gallinari has averaged 11.3 points and 4.6 rebounds per game this season‚ but was questionable for Tuesday's game against the Raptors. The Atlanta Hawks (41-37) have been on a roll this season‚ including a win over the Washington Wizards last night. Despite a recent loss to the Toronto Raptors‚ Atlanta remains one of the most competitive teams in the Eastern Conference. The team is now four games over a five-game winning streak and is vying for the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference. The Atlanta Hawks' starting five is stacked with talented young players who can make plays in the paint and create offense. The Hawks have been missing their best players for weeks‚ and they aren't going to let a player like Young sit out for any length of time. The Hawks need a veteran who can lead the team and get everyone on the same page. As for the future‚ it's still unclear. The Hawks are ninth in the Eastern Conference after last night's loss to the Raptors. The Brooklyn Nets beat the Houston Rockets and have a better chance of making the playoffs. The Los Angeles Lakers‚ meanwhile‚ are now eliminated from the postseason after their loss. But they're surrounded by veteran players.

Thompson's impact on Atlanta Hawks' win streak

The Chicago Bulls have a new center on their roster: Derrick Thompson. After being waived by Indiana‚ the Bulls acquired Thompson from Sacramento in the Domantas Sabonis trade. The Bulls won't be limited by minutes restrictions‚ but Thompson might have to rest in consecutive games if he has to play center. Coach Billy Donovan hasn't decided if he'll start or come off the bench when he returns. The Bulls' new center isn't as well known as Klay Thompson‚ who has been playing for just six days. The newcomer hasn't participated in any official practices‚ but his leadership role is undeniable. He has a lot of experience playing in the postseason‚ having played for the Cavaliers' championship-winning team last season. But it's unclear whether Thompson will play any role in the team's win streak. If Thompson has a full season‚ the Atlanta Hawks could make the playoffs. They currently sit in 10th place in the Eastern Conference‚ but if they can go on another hot streak‚ they could reach the Play-In Tournament. With a little luck‚ they could get there. The Hawks went to the Eastern Conference finals last season‚ but have been inconsistent so far this year. But if Thompson continues to play like this‚ Atlanta could reach the playoffs. While the Hawks' starters have been riding their starters for most of the season‚ their bench is starting to suffer. Their bench is without a punch after Bogdanovic's absence last night. And since Okongwu hasn't been producing in his absence‚ the bench is going to suffer as well. While Bogdanovic is out‚ the Hawks bench has been struggling for some time‚ but it's the bench that's been missing.