Danniella Westbrook goes make-up free after hitting out at surgery

Wednesday, April 13, 2022
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Danniella Westbrook Goes Make Up Free After Hitting Out at Surgery

Danniella Westbrook has been accused of wasting her face after undergoing surgery. However‚ she insists she is not doing the surgery to silence the trolls and plans to insert a part of her rib into her face. Her surgery may have left her with a weakened jaw and a bunch of screws. But her pal reveals that the surgery was not only for appearances‚ but for her health as well.

Danniella Westbrook says her face is 'wasting' after surgery

Former pop singer Danniella Westbrook has hit out at reports that her face is 'wasting' after botched surgery. She said her cheekbone was wasting away and that she wakes up in pain as the bones degrade. The former dancer moved to Liverpool in 2015 and has since been drinking up to 12 pints of milk a day to strengthen her bones. After undergoing plastic surgery on her jaw‚ Danniella Westbrook has revealed that her face has started to'sink' again. The singer's face has changed dramatically since she had the surgery‚ and her left cheekbone is wasting away. The star has spoken out about her drug addiction and her attempts to regain her confidence. Danniella says she plans to have a second surgery on her face in the near future. The former EastEnders star is reportedly regretting her decision to undergo the cosmetic surgery. She now feels that her face has changed too much. She says that some days her face looks like a'sunk'‚ while others are 'wrinkling' in agony. While she's recovering from surgery‚ Westbrook has been revealing her 'new' look by going make-up-free. Earlier‚ Danniella Westbrook had a botched nose job‚ resulting in a rotting gum and a collapsed face. After she was found out‚ she sought treatment‚ but then relapsed. Thankfully‚ she has two children and writes two autobiographies. Despite the many negative comments about her appearance‚ she's pursuing surgery to make her 'happy'. Thankfully‚ Westbrook's recovery has been relatively easy compared to her previous problems with cocaine addiction. She's back on screen in EastEnders with her on-screen brother Grant‚ played by Ross Kemp. The actress has even filmed in ways that conceal her nasal septum. This is a good sign for the show's producers‚ who have a high expectation of her return to the show.

She is adamant she is not undergoing surgery to silence the trolls

A former EastEnders star has denied reports that she is having surgery to put ribs in her face. While many women are having this surgery done in an attempt to silence online trolls‚ Westbrook says she isn't doing it because she is unhappy with her appearance. Instead‚ she says it is necessary to keep a happy and healthy lifestyle. After years of drug abuse‚ Danniella Westbrook is undergoing a rib procedure to be implanted into her face. She is claiming that the cocaine she snorted was laced with a lethal animal de-wormer‚ which is why her cheekbone collapsed. Danniella claims the cocaine is what caused her collapsed jaw and cheekbone. The rib will be implanted into her cheek. The news of her face operation has sparked outrage and speculation about the singer's appearance. Westbrook has since removed all makeup from her face and reshaped her eyebrows. She has now had two reconstructive surgeries on her face‚ and is reportedly planning more in April. While this is certainly good news for Westbrook‚ it could cause a rift in her relationships.

She plans to insert a portion of her ribs into her face

After undergoing a series of cosmetic surgeries in recent years‚ actress Danniella Westbrook is preparing to go under the knife again. The actress‚ who has spent the last year getting Botox and lip filler‚ is now planning to have a rib inserted into her face. While her new look will be a significant improvement over her current one‚ the actor and TV personality is aware that the procedure will leave her body more fragile than it was before the surgery. The procedure‚ which will restore the natural bone structure of her face‚ will require a hefty PS250‚000 in treatment and recovery. Danniella is also accused of snorting a veterinary drug used to de-worm cattle‚ pigs‚ sheep and goats. The substance is toxic to human flesh and bones‚ and she says she did not realize she was ingesting a medication meant for cattle. The actress has been heavily bandaged on her face for several weeks. On Sunday‚ she stepped out with a heavily bandaged nose. On Tuesday‚ she maintained the same look‚ sporting a gray trainer. The surgery is the first of several reconstructive procedures Westbrook is planning. Danniella has a history of drug abuse and recently revealed plans to insert a piece of her rib into her face. In May‚ Danniella Westbrook‚ a television presenter‚ is set to undergo another reconstructive surgery. The actress had two cosmetic operations last year - one to repair her jaw and the other to correct osteoporosis. The rib will be inserted into her cheekbone after she had failed to recover from botched dental work. The TV presenter has often visited the city of Liverpool‚ where she recently completed surgery. In a recent post‚ she captioned an image of the Wheel of Liverpool as Scouseland and a heart. While the actress has denied rumors that she is dating Terry Andrews‚ her Instagram account has flooded with praise for the Aintree Hospital‚ in Liverpool. Following the procedure‚ Westbrook plans to have a reconstructed face after it was discovered that the reconstructed ribs were partially missing. The surgeon said she had been using cocaine for over three years and it had eroded her nasal septum. However‚ she was still allowed to return to the show three times. Her nose was so badly damaged that the producers asked her to return in the role of Sam Mitchell‚ but she had still not stopped using drugs. She was finally allowed to come back in 2001‚ after she ceased using cocaine.