Danny Elfman Flexes Musical Muscles At Coachella With Unhinged

Monday, April 18, 2022
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Danny Elfman Flexes Musical Muscles At Coachella With Unhinged

After announcing his Coachella debut at last weekend's music festival‚ Danny Elfman flexed his musical muscles in a spectacular performance featuring a wierd little present (as he put it). The stringed-instrument assault featured songs from his four years of movie work‚ including the Simpsons theme and big screen animation from the past.


Performing at Coachella 2020‚ Danny Elfman is sure to have some of the most unique sets in the entire festival. He will play his best-known work‚ The Simpsons theme song‚ while showing off his tattooed torso. The veteran composer released his first solo studio album in 37 years last April. Elfman also performed music from the Nightmare Before Christmas and Batman soundtracks. His unhinged set was a musical journey that spanned 4 years and several different genres. He wowed the crowd with a guitar-heavy assault on classic Oingo Boingo songs. He also took the full symphony through his work. Other notable tracks included the Simpsons theme and Dead Man's Party. The show included half a dozen songs from his album‚ including Oingo Boingo‚ The Simpsons and Forbidden Zone. In addition to his own work‚ Elfman also played many of his movie theme songs in high-octane versions. He performed Breakfast Machine‚ Ice Dance and This Is Halloween. He also sang songs from The Nightmare Before Christmas‚ like What's That and Jack's Lament.

Oingo Boingo songs

After promising fans a weird little present‚ Danny Elfman delivered a show that was everything but normal. Not only did he play Oingo Boingo tunes from his latest album‚ but he also steered an entire symphony through his work. The audience also got to hear the Simpsons theme and the music from Dead Man's Party. A rock star at heart‚ Elfman got his start in rock with the band Oingo Boingo. Later‚ he went on to score The Nightmare Before Christmas‚ Spider-Man and the theme for The Simpsons. His credits as a composer include scores for countless movies and television shows‚ as well as dozens of singles. The legendary Hans Zimmer also performed at Coachella in 2017 and mixed rock with orchestral scores. While the 'Unhinged' album is the work of an iconic musician‚ Danny Elfman showed off his versatility as a musician at Coachella. He performed several songs from his album and collaborated with musicians from his band‚ including Wes Borland‚ of Limp Bizkit. However‚ he didn't know Wes Borland until he met him at Coachella.

The Simpsons

Weird little present‚ promised Danny Elfman before his first-ever orchestral concert at Coachella‚ and he delivered. His orchestral performance included tracks from the Oingo Boingo soundtrack and his own film work‚ including the Simpsons theme and Big Bird from The Nightmare Before Christmas. The concert was a wildly entertaining blend of old and new. The Oscar-nominated composer and film score composer flexed his musical muscle at Coachella on Sunday‚ April 14. The Grammy-nominated musician was accompanied by a full orchestra and a choir. He performed with Billie Eilish as Sally and a live orchestra. Elfman's next big step is reuniting with his old collaborator Tim Burton‚ who tapped him to compose the score for the Netflix series Unhinged. The Grammy-nominated musician flexed his musical muscles at Coachella 2022‚ performing an unorthodox set. Elfman‚ who had no idea he was a genius composer until he was tapped to perform The Simpsons theme‚ grew up in Los Angeles without knowing it. However‚ he has since rediscovered his composing skills and released his first solo studio album in 37 years‚ Unhinged. The festival is held every year in the Colorado desert. Danny Elfman has never missed the festival‚ and he has a long list of musical credits to his name. Other performers who have performed at the festival include Rage Against the Machine‚ Lana Del Rey‚ Calvin Harris‚ and Lewis Capaldi. The festival has also hosted the legendary composer Hans Zimmer‚ who mixed rock with orchestral scores.

New music for Coachella

In addition to being one of the most highly-anticipated performers at this year's Coachella music festival‚ Danny Elfman will also be appearing at the festival in 2022. He has a lengthy resume of composing music‚ and his last performance at Coachella embodied his diverse musical style. Elfman was a frontman of the rock outfit Oingo in the 1970s‚ and is also known for composing the music for over 100 films‚ including Milk. The festival has canceled the festival's 2020 and 2021 editions due to the pandemic‚ but will return in April 2022 with Danny Elfman. Elfman will perform two new shows during the festival in 2022 - on Saturday 16 and Saturday 23. The new show will be called Danny Elfman: Past‚ Present‚ and Future. The lineup includes Josh Freese on drums‚ Stu Brooks on bass‚ and Nili Brosh and Wesley Borland on guitars. The Grammy-winning composer grew up in the Southland‚ where he was surrounded by music. He composed the theme song for The Simpsons while growing up and didn't realize how talented he was. After the success of his debut album‚ he has released a new album‚ Big Mess‚ on Epitaph Records. The album is the first from Elfman in nearly three decades‚ and he also unveiled his tattooed face in an Instagram post.