Dark Day: Democrats respond to Supreme Court's decision to strike down the new NY gun laws

Thursday, June 23, 2022
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Supreme Court Ruling Could Affect Gun Safety Legislation in New York

Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul‚ who is running for her first full term‚ is calling the decision reprehensible and reckless. The Democratic Governor has promised to call lawmakers back to Albany for a special session to address the court's decision. She's said lawmakers will likely meet in July. But that may not be enough to prevent this ruling from reverberating throughout the country.

A number of prominent Democrats called the Supreme Court's decision to expand gun rights further a bad day for America that should be deeply troubling. On Thursday‚ the Supreme Court on New York State Rifle Pistol Association v. Bruen was decided. All six Republican-appointed justices upended a New York law that required New York residents to prove cause to permit concealed handgun carry. Justice Clarence Thomas' broad ruling is expected to undermine gun safety laws across the nation. Biden stated that while he is deeply disappointed by the decision‚ he also expressed his commitment to do everything he can to decrease gun violence in our community and to make it safer. On Thursday‚ President Biden spoke at an event held on the South Lawn by the White House. He was accompanied by members of Wounded Warrior Projects Soldier Ride. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images) Biden stated that since 1%‚ New York State has demanded individuals who wish to conceal a weapon in public must show they have a legitimate need and obtain a permit. The United States Supreme Court decided to overturn New York's well-established protection rights more than 100 years later. This decision is contrary to both the Constitution and common sense‚ and it should be deeply troubling for all. Biden said that the Second Amendment was not an absolute as the late Justice Scalia acknowledged. Since centuries‚ state laws have controlled who can purchase and possess weapons. They also regulate where they can be carried. These regulations have been upheld by the courts. New York Governor Kathy Hochul (Democrat) said that she regretted this day. Hochul stated Thursday that we should go back to 1788‚ when the Constitution of the United States of America became law. To the Supreme Court justices‚ I'd like to remind them that muskets were the only weapon at the time. I am willing to return to muskets. They didn't intend high-capacity assault weapon magazines meant for battlefields to be covered. However‚ I think we will have to agree. On June 6‚ Gov. Kathy Hochul‚ New York‚ holds up signed legislation regarding a number of gun reform bills that will strengthen strict state gun laws. (Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images) Hochul stated that she is considering calling a special session to the state Legislature.

The Supreme Court has decided to overturn a New York law restricting concealed weapon carry. This is absurd in a time of national reckoning about gun violence. I have done everything possible to ensure that New Yorkers are safe from gun violence‚ just as we passed a nation-leading gun reform bill. Some top state law enforcement officers also responded.

According to a statement‚ we are reviewing the Supreme Court's decision on New York's authority to regulate public firearm carry. We will do all we can to keep New Yorkers safe from gun violence‚ and to preserve the common-sense gun laws in this state.

My office is currently analyzing the ruling to craft gun safety legislation. This will help mitigate any future damage. Others prominent New York Democrats were also dissatisfied by the possible fallout of the ruling. Eric Adams‚ New York City Mayor‚ stated that we will all work together to minimize the risks this decision creates. We cannot let New York become the Wild West. This is not acceptable. Our city will not live in fear of having everyone else armied‚ so that an altercation can escalate into a gunfight.

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The police officers will not be put in further danger. This would make their already hard jobs more difficult. He said that today's Supreme Court ruling may have created an additional stream of violence‚ which will feed into the national sea of gun violence. Every elected official concerned about safety should now come together to respond to this shocking decision. Eric Adams‚ the Mayor of New York City‚ testified on June 8‚ at an House Oversight Committee hearing about gun violence. (Andrew Harnik/Pool via AP) This Supreme Court decision will only increase the violence against gun owners in NYC and elsewhere.

He represents part of Bronx. The SCOTUS has lowered the required cause requirement to allow the common person the right to have a firearm in public places‚ even though the city is densely populated like NY. The ruling was also criticised by top Democrats and Governors across the nation. The Supreme Court's conservative radical majority‚ in the aftermath of the horrific shooting at Buffalo Uvalde has taken us back. They unilaterally reduced gun safety laws throughout the country.

. This decision has the potential to endanger the lives of many Americans‚ even in Massachusetts. “A dark day in America‚”.

. It is dangerous that a court would make this decision if they were bent on pushing an ideological agenda. They also infringe on states' rights to ensure our citizens are safe from gunfire in their schools and streets. Shameful.