Davante Adams informs Packers he wont play on franchise tag in

Tuesday, March 15, 2022
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The Packers and Davante Adams are still far apart on the contract front‚ with the wide receiver indicating that he won't play on the franchise tag this season. It's a rare occurrence for a player and team to reach an agreement in March‚ but that is what has happened with Adams. Although the two sides are a long way apart on a new contract‚ the Packers will try to work out a long-term deal with him. The Green Bay Packers had a seemingly smooth process in the offseason. The emergence of Aaron Rodgers was the major positive sign for the Packers‚ but Adams' decision to not play under the franchise tag is a massive blow to the entire organization. While Aaron Rodgers is expected to return for a fifth year‚ many believe Adams' contract is too low to be worth that much money. Despite the Packers' interest in extending Adams' contract‚ the wide receiver has already informed the team he won't play on the franchise tag. A new deal will have to be worked out between the team and the receiver before the tag deadline on July 15. If both sides don't come to an agreement by that date‚ the franchise tag will likely remain in place. In the meantime‚ the Packers' plans are now at a standstill. The upcoming season is a pivotal one for the Packers‚ and the players and coaches will likely have to work out a new deal.