David Bonola, suspected handyman lover, charged in Orsolya Gaal

Thursday, April 21, 2022
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David Bonola‚ a Suspected Handyman Lover‚ is Charged in Orsolya Gaal's Murder

The NYPD is charging a handyman who was employed by Orsolya Gaal with her murder. The accused admitted to stabbing the victim 60 times in Queens. Earlier in the day‚ he stabbed Gaal and confessed‚ saying he had argued with her before the attack. However‚ police believe this cell phone message was faked.

Orsolya Gaal was stabbed at least 60 times

Investigators have uncovered a blood trail that led them to the home of the victim‚ a woman named Orsolya Gaal. The woman's husband‚ Howard Klein‚ was out of the country on Friday night and his 13-year-old son was home at the time. Although he was questioned by police but released without charge‚ it is still unclear who committed the murder. The police say the crime was not premeditated. However‚ they note that the blood trail is so thick that it would have been impossible to miss. The NYPD has offered a $3500 reward for information that leads to the arrest of a suspect or persons responsible. A video of Orsolya's body reveals that the victim was stabbed at least 60 times and her body was found in a duffel bag near her Queens home. The woman's body was found inside a bag with a bloody trail. The killer is a man or woman who texted her husband before her death‚ threatening to kill them all. Unfortunately‚ her husband was out of town at the time of the murder and has not been charged with her murder. After the video was released‚ the New York Police Department was able to identify a person of interest. The suspect is a 44-year-old man who was known to the victim and had access to her home. A news conference will be held later today to discuss the case and the arrest. If you would like to receive news updates about the case‚ you can sign up for the NBC 4 New York app on iOS and Android. The app will alert you of breaking news and weather. Police were able to follow a blood trail to the apartment where Gaal lived. A man walking his dogs noticed a bag that looked suspicious and reported it to police. The police searched the house and found her body. The suspect left a blood trail around the apartment that they had rented from the victim. It was a suicide note that Gaal had written two years earlier to her husband.

David Bonola admitted to having an argument before stabbing her

While Gaal's husband and father are apologetic‚ their relationship remained on-and-off for the past two years. Gaal and Bonola had worked together as Gaal's handyman. They had been dating for two years. Bonola was Gaal's handyman‚ and investigators believe he let himself into her Queens home and had an argument with the victim before stabbing her. Despite this‚ the couple had recently rekindled their romance and were back together in early April. Gaal's husband was out of town visiting colleges in the West Coast. Her older son was asleep in the house at the time of the slaying. Afterward‚ Bonola allegedly stabbed Gaal multiple times and fled through the forest park. After the murder‚ investigators found bloody clothing and a knife linked to the murder. Police are expected to question Bonola on Thursday. Police have said that Gaal was home when Bonola showed up around midnight on Saturday. They argued over a fight and the suspect left with Gaal's body in a hockey bag in the basement. They then walked to her residence in South Ozone Park‚ where they stabbed her 59 times. Investigators have yet to find a motive for the attack. If you know anything about the crime‚ you should talk to police. The murder trial will determine whether David and Orsolya were romantically involved. The prosecutor will likely want to know more details to prove their case. It is unclear why David Bonola was so eager to get Orsolya's body out of the forest park. Investigators are looking for surveillance footage that shows the two having a fight. Bonola‚ 44‚ is facing charges of murder‚ criminal possession of a weapon‚ and criminal tampering. Throughout the investigation‚ police have found evidence of a prior argument between David Bonola and Orsolya Gaal. Both were arrested‚ and they were charged with murder‚ criminal tampering with a death warrant. Bonola had left flirty comments on Orsolya Gaal's Facebook page. David Bonola is being held at the 112th Precinct in Queens. He is expected to be taken to the 112th Precinct for processing.

David Bonola stabbed her at her Queens home

The woman who was stabbed to death at her Queens home was a married mother of two who was known to have an affair with a handyman. Bonola had previously been arrested for assault‚ but that had no bearing on the investigation into her death. Gaal had access to Bonola's home and he knew her. It is unclear whether he let himself in or the victim gave him permission to get into the home. While investigating the case‚ police discovered that Bonola stabbed Gaal repeatedly in the basement of her Queens home‚ leaving blood on the victim and suspect clothing. A video of the stabbing showed the suspect carrying the body in a Bauer hockey bag that was similar to Gaal's children's hockey bags. Police recovered Bonola's jacket‚ boots‚ and T-shirt‚ as well as bloody bandages. Bonola also admitted to stabbing Gaal and left blood trails throughout the neighborhood. Police believe that David Bonola is the killer behind the Queens stabbing death. He confessed to the murder to police on Thursday. He lived near Gaal's home and had previously posted love emojis under her posts. The two were reportedly in a relationship. But before David Bonola stabbed her‚ he had broken up with her. It is unclear if they were friends or just lovers. Bonola reportedly told police that he had a job as a scriptwriter‚ but did not give a reason for his conduct. After their breakup in April‚ Gaal and Bonola had been working together as a handyman. They had been dating for two years. They had allegedly been having an intimate relationship. However‚ the couple had recently separated and Bonola had been doing periodic maintenance work at Gaal's home for two years. They were also having a chilling text exchange on Gaal's cellphone. David Bonola's arrest was made possible by the fact that Orsolya Gaal was an unfaithful lover. He had been flirtatious with her on Facebook in the past two years‚ but he had a history of stealing her identity. Despite the fact that he was a handyman‚ his actions were undoubtedly acrimonious‚ as Gaal's family said.

David Bonola is suspected handyman lover

The murder of Orsolya Gaal‚ a mother of two‚ has thrown the city's handyman community into turmoil. New York Police say David Bonola admitted to killing her after she called him lovely. The alleged handyman - who has been accused of sexual assault - worked as a handyman for Gaal for about two years. A cell phone message he received from the victim referenced his previous criminal behavior‚ and the defendant allegedly confessed to the crime. Police say the handyman and Gaal had an on-and-off relationship during the two years he worked at her Forest Hills home. The murder occurred when her husband‚ Howard Klein‚ was away. The handyman then stuffed Gaal's body into her son's hockey duffle bag and dragged her body to a park. Bonola was caught after the murder because he left blood-soaked boots at the home. The suspect in the Queens murder‚ David Bonola‚ is a handyman who had been dating Orsolya Gaal for at least two years. He was a handyman‚ and he was also her boyfriend. The incident is the latest in a string of crimes for Bonola‚ who is also accused of criminal tampering and possession of a weapon. Gaal was in a romantic relationship with Bonola‚ a former handyman for the Queens mother. Her family knew Bonola and they had met several times before the murder. Gaal visited Bonola's house a few weeks before the killing and he visited her again. The couple had recently reunited‚ though‚ and the relationship had been considered over. Police initially accused Bonola of killing Orsolya Gaal because he was the one who had the spare keys. However‚ the suspect was found innocent when his arrest was overturned. Gaal's family is claiming retribution. Although a murder charge has been thrown against the suspect‚ the case is still evolving. But the case has been a shock to the entire community.