DC shooting Suspect in DC shooting that wounded 4 is dead, police

Saturday, April 23, 2022
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The Suspect in a DC shooting That Wound Four is Dead

The suspect in a deadly DC shooting has been identified as Raymond Spencer‚ a 22-year-old American citizen. Attempt to set himself on fire‚ self-inflicted gunshot wound and the precise location of the shooting are all part of the details. But a lot more is still unknown‚ including whether or not Spencer was involved in the attempted arson. Read on to find out more about the case and the man's background.

Raymond Spencer

The man suspected of shooting four people in a Washington‚ D.C.‚ shooting spree has been found dead. Though he did not identify himself‚ D.C. Police Chief Bob Contee has identified Raymond Spencer as a person of interest. The man's social media posts and videos have been linked to him‚ and the suspect's cell phone records were allegedly hacked. Now‚ the police are no longer looking for the suspect. The suspect pointed a tripod at the victims when he opened fire. In addition to that‚ he had several rounds of ammunition and six guns at his apartment‚ according to the police. It is unclear whether Spencer had a specific motive for the shooting‚ but investigators believe that he had a target in mind. Initially‚ the four victims were shot at random‚ and the motive behind the attack is still unclear. The shooting victim's injuries were mostly minor‚ including a 12-year-old girl. Two adults were in stable condition at a hospital and a woman in her 60s was also wounded. The four people killed in the shooting are all civilians‚ according to police. The suspect's identity was previously identified by social media users. Police also released a photo of the suspect‚ Raymond Spencer‚ and the gun he used in the attack.

Attempt to set himself on fire

The suspect who attempted to light himself on fire after the shooting that wounded four people in Washington‚ DC is dead‚ police say. The gunman shot two women and a 12-year-old girl at random‚ police say. Three victims were taken to area hospitals‚ and the fourth was treated for a gunshot wound and is not in critical condition. Police believe the gunman killed himself while approaching an apartment. There is no word yet on the motive behind the attack‚ but the suspect's video was posted online. It does not appear to show any sign of a motive. While police have not released the suspect's name‚ they are searching for a Virginia man they believe is a person of interest. The suspect's social media accounts are linked to the shooting victim. The suspect‚ identified as Raymond Spencer‚ was killed by a gunshot wound‚ police said. The suspect's apartment was filled with six firearms and numerous rounds of ammunition. Police did not identify the suspect until the family was notified. The shooting happened at a residential area in Northwest Washington‚ D.C. The suspect was a 23-year-old man from Fairfax‚ Virginia. Police recovered six firearms and numerous rounds of ammunition from Spencer's apartment‚ but would not identify him until they were notified of his death. Following the shooting in Washington‚ DC‚ the suspected shooter posted a video to 4chan‚ a social media site. Police are still investigating whether the video was broadcast live. The video shows people scrambling for cover while rapid gunfire rains down from above. The gunman appears to follow the people fleeing for cover. A witness in the AVA building‚ Eduardo Bugay‚ told WUSA9 that he heard the shots and became confused and scared.

Self-inflicted gunshot wound

A shooting that wounded four people in Northwest Washington‚ DC‚ is turning out to be a self-inflicted wound. Police found six firearms and several rounds of ammunition in the apartment where the suspect shot the victims. Police did not name the suspect pending notification of family. The suspect was believed to be 23-year-old Raymond Spencer‚ who had lived in the apartment since at least 2015. The student at Edmund Burke School was told there was a shooter‚ and the students ran into a nearby home. Parents waited outside‚ and children were escorted by police. The shooting shut down Connecticut Avenue for several blocks. Ambulances and police cars spanned a wide swath of the neighborhood. Nearby homes and businesses were evacuated‚ and schools were placed on lockdown. The shooting occurred near a University of the District of Columbia and an independent college preparatory school. Both schools were on lockdown for several hours. The shooting left one dead and four wounded. Thankfully‚ most of the students have been reunited with their families. DC Mayor Muriel Bowser expressed concern for the victims. The city's emergency services and police were able to evacuate several neighborhoods and businesses‚ and local residents were asked to shelter in place. FBI Washington Field is investigating the incident and has sent an armored vehicle to the scene. Local police‚ FBI‚ and U.S. Park Police also responded. Authorities are still looking for the gunman‚ who allegedly killed four and injured four. Police said the man also posted a video mocking police. Further developments are still being investigated‚ but the police have released a description of the suspect in the incident.

Location pinpointed by eyewitnesses

The shooting took place near an independent college preparatory school and University of the District of Columbia. Both schools were on lockdown for hours. Though almost all students have been reunited with family‚ D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has expressed her concern for the wounded. Eyewitness reports have helped police identify the location of the suspect. Photos and videos show evacuating local residents and officials rushing in to the scene. The FBI's Washington Field responded to the incident. Eyewitnesses describe the location of the shooting and say it happened in the neighborhood of Van Ness and Connecticut Avenues NW. Three adults and a child were shot. Two of the victims were hospitalized‚ while a woman in her 60s was treated at the scene for a minor wound. Eyewitnesses described a scuffle between the suspect and the victims. In an effort to catch the suspect‚ police swept the neighborhood and searched nearby buildings‚ but were unable to find the shooter. Eyewitnesses also described the gunman's apartment‚ which contained over six guns. Police tweeted a picture of the recovered guns. The shooting left four people wounded and a police chief said the suspect was likely a self-inflicted gunshot.

Victims taken to hospitals

At least five people were shot at the Days Inn in Northwest Washington‚ DC Saturday morning‚ two of them in critical condition. Three of the injured were hospitalized and three were taken to other hospitals. The suspected gunman was found dead inside an apartment. At the time of the shooting‚ authorities had not released a motive for the shooting. They initially tweeted at 4 a.m. that they had no lookout for the shooter. At least one video of the incident has been posted online‚ including a witness's account of the shooting. The video shows several shots being fired and an eyewitness reports hearing dozens. Police have not given a number of shots‚ but the witness told reporters that there were at least 20 rounds fired. The witness described hearing dozens of shots from the window of his apartment‚ although the number of shots has not been verified. Two of the victims were adults. The 12-year-old girl suffered a minor wound‚ and a woman in her 60s was taken to the hospital. The two adults were treated for critical injuries. A third victim‚ a woman in her 60s‚ suffered a graze wound. She was picking up a student from Edmund Burke School when she heard the gunshots‚ and ran for cover in her car.

Lockdown at University of D.C.

At least two schools were placed on lockdown Tuesday afternoon after a shooting on the campus of the University of D.C. Local law enforcement increased its security measures‚ including erecting taller fences‚ but federal authorities cordoned off the entire mall. As a result‚ students‚ faculty‚ and staff were not allowed to enter the school. The incident is not over‚ though. A student who is studying at the university was caught between classes and was forced to go to his or her dormitory‚ which was a common practice at the time. American University‚ Washington‚ D.C.‚ was locked down for several hours Wednesday. Local Washington DC police and campus security officials were notified of the situation‚ and instructed students‚ staff‚ and visitors to seek shelter in nearby buildings. The campus was closed for several hours after police received a report of an armed intruder in the area of Nebraska Avenue NW and New Mexico Avenue NW. The AU police department issued an alert for students and staff‚ and began searching the area. The Metropolitan Police Department‚ FBI‚ and Secret Service responded to the scene of the shooting. Residents of Cleveland Park and Van Ness were told to shelter in place. Police also announced a family reunification center in the Cleveland Park Library. The University of D.C. has placed its entire Van Ness campus on lockdown until authorities arrive. At this point‚ the FBI and local police are urging students and staff to stay indoors and avoid walking around the campus.