Deborah James raises over £1000000 for bowel cancer research

Tuesday, May 10, 2022
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Deborah James Raises Over 1000000 For Bowel Cancer Research

The news that Deborah James has been diagnosed with incurable bowel cancer is a heartbreaking one. Just 24 hours after her diagnosis‚ she has raised more than PS1 million for bowel cancer research and she has been moved into palliative care. The tributes to James have been heartwarming‚ with paralympic rowing champion Rachel Morris MBE paying a touching tribute to her courage and joy.

Deborah James has been diagnosed with incurable bowel cancer

The famous actress and co-host of the BBC radio show Five Live has announced that she has been diagnosed with incurable bowel cancer. She has been open about her diagnosis on her Instagram account and asked her fans to keep her family and friends in their thoughts. The actress said she had gone through chemotherapy‚ radiotherapy‚ and surgery‚ which has left her with an 8% survival rate. Her bowel cancer has spread throughout her body and she once had 15 tumours. The symptoms of bowel cancer are often subtle and the patient may not even be aware that they have a disease. However‚ constipation is not a sign of serious bowel disorders‚ and it is recommended that a patient visit their GP if they have persistent bloating or pain after a couple of days. If symptoms persist for more than three weeks‚ they should be taken seriously. On Tuesday‚ James shared an update about her health on Instagram. She said she could no longer continue to live with her condition. She does not know how long she has left‚ but she is very hopeful. After spending nearly a month in intensive care and taking experimental drugs‚ the star revealed she was experiencing a near-death experience. Her 12-year-old daughter found her covered in blood and drifting out of consciousness. Her doctors managed to revive her‚ but she is now back on four different antibiotics. Her condition remains critical‚ but doctors have made strides in treating it. This week‚ Deborah will have emergency surgeries to remove tumours.

She has been moved to palliative care

Social media star Deborah James‚ known as the Bowel Babe‚ has been diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer. Since being diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer in December 2016‚ she has chronicled her life as the disease through her podcast‚ blog‚ and Instagram. As part of her treatment‚ she has raised over a million pounds for cancer research and clinical trials through her Bowelbabe Fund. The 62-year-old actress is now receiving palliative care. Last year‚ she started a fundraising website called‚ where people could donate to fund research into bowel cancer. As part of the campaign‚ James has also written several inspirational blogs. The Bowelbabe blog features essays by celebrities and people who share her plight. Despite her illness‚ her fundraising has raised more than PS800‚000 in less than 24 hours. Deborah's story has inspired people to raise awareness of bowel cancer and has raised the profile of the condition. Bev Turner and Gabby Logan both said the fund would have a positive impact on a lot of people. It is truly amazing that Deborah is able to raise so much money so quickly‚ and that her fund will be a huge boost to bowel cancer research.

She has raised over PS1 million in 24 hours

Following her diagnosis‚ cancer sufferer Deborah James has dedicated the last five years to raising awareness of the disease. Although she is currently receiving palliative care‚ her battle with the disease has inspired her to raise PS1 million for bowel cancer research. During that time‚ she has also been able to fund research into personalised medicine and new treatments for the disease. In addition to this‚ she has launched a series of awareness raising campaigns. Recently‚ the famous cancer fighter has set up a JustGiving page to raise money for bowel cancer research. With the help of her 406‚000 followers‚ she has so far raised over PS1 million in 24 hours. The money raised will help fund clinical trials‚ research into personalised medicine‚ and raise cancer awareness. Deborah James has made her fundraising campaign a viral success‚ raising over PS1 million in 24 hours! With this incredible amount of funding‚ Deborah James is proving to be a highly effective bowel cancer advocate. Her fund will support clinical trials to improve treatments for bowel cancer patients‚ as well as awareness campaigns. Deborah James originally set a target of PS250‚000 when she started the fund‚ but has since raised more than PS1 million within just 24 hours. And the money has only gone up since.

She has raised over 1000000 for bowel cancer research

Bowel cancer is one of the most common cancers and there is a huge stigma attached to it. Many women do not know that there is a way to prevent it. Deborah James has launched a fundraising initiative called the Bowelbabe Fund. In less than 24 hours‚ the Bowelbabe Fund has already raised over one million pounds for bowel cancer research. This incredible achievement is a testament to the power of social media‚ which has helped people raise awareness and money for bowel cancer research. Since her diagnosis in 2016‚ Deborah James has been chronicling her cancer battle and raising funds for bowel cancer research. She has more than 400 thousand followers on Instagram‚ and has used this platform to spread awareness of cancer. Her story has been inspiring and her efforts have raised over PS1 million for bowel cancer research. You can donate to the Bowelbabe Fund by following the link below! If you are not familiar with Deborah James' story‚ here is a quick rundown of some of her achievements. The Bowel Babe Fund was launched by James‚ a former deputy head teacher who was diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer just before Christmas 2016. She has been raising money for the cause since then‚ and she has also been raising awareness of other forms of cancer. She has written a weekly column for The Sun and has written for a variety of publications. Her podcast is on BBC 5 Live and she often appears on Talk Radio. As a result of her diagnosis‚ the podcaster has become a prominent advocate for bowel cancer and is breaking down myths about the disease. The podcaster's donation page has raised over PS1‚000‚ and the donations continue to pour in. Susanna Reid of Good Morning Britain has even donated to the podcaster's cause. The star's generosity has received a lot of love and support‚ and the podcaster continues to raise funds to fight bowel cancer.