Denise Welch Man jailed for stalking TV star and arson outside home

Saturday, April 9, 2022
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Man Jailed For Stalking and Arson Outside TV Star's Home

Toraq Wyngard was jailed for stalking and arson outside the Denise Welch's home. This article examines the court delays caused by Wyngard's change of plea. The court hearing was delayed because Wyngard had changed his plea to guilty. The case has now been adjourned and a sentence is awaiting determination.

Toraq Wyngard jailed for stalking TV star

A former press photographer‚ Toraq Wyngard‚ was today jailed for stalking and arson outside a TV star's home. The incident happened on the night of her wedding. The former model‚ 38‚ has a history of mental illness and pleaded guilty to the charges. Denise was forced to attend court via videolink‚ and said she was 'terrified' and 'never forget' what happened. Police caught Wyngard on CCTV following the incident on a street near the celebrity's home‚ wearing a distinctive baseball cap. They also discovered a four-inch (10-cm) kitchen knife inside Wyngard's bag. Police also found two covert cameras in Wyngard's home‚ which were used to record footage of the attack.

Denise Welch jailed for arson

Toraq Wyngard has been jailed for seven years and seven months for setting fire to the driveway and garage of Denise Welch's Wilmslow‚ Cheshire home. He was caught on CCTV approaching the house with a four-inch kitchen knife hidden inside his backpack. The TV star is in good health and has spoken to the media about her terrifying experience. Police say the man had been visiting Denise Welch's home since last February‚ and had daubed graffiti on the garden gate. He wrote 'pimp' and 'witch' on it‚ along with an upside-down cross. When she answered the door and alerted the fire service‚ he had already started the fire. Luckily‚ he was arrested at the scene with a kitchen knife and his hat covered in pin badges. In court‚ Wyngard admitted stalking Welch‚ causing serious alarm‚ possession of a knife‚ arson and criminal damage. The court found that Wyngard had been under pressure from Wylch and his girlfriend to admit to the offences. However‚ he claimed that the TV star had been pressurised into admitting the offences.

Toraq Wyngard pleaded guilty to charges of stalking and arson

Toraq Wyngard has pleaded guilty to charges of stalking‚ arson and criminal damage outside Denise Welch's Chester home. He was freed on bail pending a trial at Chester Crown Court. The charges relate to the case where he had repeatedly hung around her home‚ causing her serious alarm and damaging her property. He also admitted possessing a knife‚ setting fire to a skip in her driveway. During a hearing in Chester Crown Court‚ Wyngard admitted all the charges and will be sentenced on October 26. During the trial‚ Denise Welch and her husband Lincoln gave evidence via video-link from the US. The case involved two separate incidents: the fire in the skip outside Denise Welch's home and the threats made by Wyngard to Welch. The two victims were not home at the time‚ so their spouses were able to respond to the fire. On August 20‚ 2017‚ Wyngard set fire to a skip in Denise Welch's Cheshire home and was arrested. A few months later‚ Wyngard returned to Denise Welch's home with a knife in his backpack. He also left notes on her front gate‚ including pimp and witch. Toraq Wyngard pleaded at Chester crown court to stalking and arson outside Denise's home. The actress resisted a trial‚ claiming he had been pressured into the plea. He also claimed that he suffered from bipolar disorder and has failed to take medication. However‚ he will now be sentenced to three years in prison if he continues to make the same mistakes.

Court delays caused by Wyngard's change of plea

Earlier this year‚ a judge apologised for the court delays caused by Wyngard's change in plea. She had told the judge that Wyngard's alleged actions had left his victim 'terrified' and 'unforgettable'. The court also apologised to Denise Welch for the 'long and frustrating wait' that the case had required. The delay was caused by the fact that Wyngard had changed his plea to avoid facing justice and instead obstructed the proceedings. Ms Welch has since accused Wyngard of being 'unreliable' and 'inattentive' to the court process‚ and she apologised for this. Despite the lengthy court process caused by Wyngard's change of plea‚ the Senior Crown Prosecutor hopes that the prison sentence today will bring peace to Wyngard and his victims. Toraq Wyngard had been convicted of threatening and stalking his girlfriend for five months before he started a fire outside Denise Welch's home in Cheshire. He was sentenced to seven years in prison after setting fire to her garage and driveway. Denise Welch gave evidence via video link from the US. Her evidence was crucial to Wyngard's prosecution case‚ and the delays caused by Wyngard's change of plea were particularly concerning.