Desantis was almost defeated by him to become florida’s governor. Now andrew Gillum has been indicted

Wednesday, June 22, 2022
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Andrew Gillum and Sharon Janet Lettman-Hicks Face Charges of Wire Fraud

Two of Florida's leading Democrats are in the news‚ as the Democrat candidates face multiple charges of wire fraud. Former Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum and Lettman-Hicks have both pleaded not guilty to charges of wire fraud and conspiracy. The charges allege that Lettman-Hicks funneled campaign contributions to her company‚ then diverted the money to Gillum. The campaign also gave Gillum money disguised as payroll payments.

Andrew Gillum was the ex-mayor of Tallahassee. Approximately 34‚000 votes. Federal authorities arrested and indicted Ron DeSantis‚ who beat him in the race to become Florida Governor in 2018. The 21-count indictment his arrest resulted in his release of papers. Gillum‚ along with Sharon Janet Lettman–Hicks his political advisor‚ were charged with 19 counts each of wire fraud as well as one count of conspiracy for wire fraud. Each count carries a maximum sentence of 20 years imprisonment. Gillum also faces a charge of making false statements about the FBI. This carries a maximum five year sentence. Federal prosecutors claim that Gillum (42)‚ and Lettman–Hicks (53) diverted funds from their political committee to Gillum directly. This fraud deceived campaign mega-donors as well as organizations who believed that they were giving to legitimate political causes. Gillum is also accused of lying about it to the FBI in his indictment his famous 2016 trip to new york this was a problem that he faced in the last months of his run for governor. READ MORE: Andrew Gillum writes about the moment his political star was killed in a Miami Beach hotel. Indictment confirms that Gillum was paid by undercover agents posing to be businessmen looking for government contracts in Tallahassee. They also purchased Gillum's accommodation at Millennium Hilton‚ as well as his meals and drinks‚ and even a Broadway ticket. According to indictment‚ Gillum did not disclose the donations and denied receiving them during his meeting with FBI agents in 2017. During his run for governor‚ he told reporters that Hamilton was his brother's ticket.

Gillum makes a statement

Gillum stated Wednesday that the case was political motivated. Each campaign that I have run was done with integrity. Gillum‚ a Democrat‚ stated that while this case may not be legal‚ Gillum insists it is politically motivated. Since I was mayor of Tallahassee‚ there has been an accuser on my back. My legal team has my full support and will prove that I am innocent now. The U.S. Department of Justice falls under the control of Attorney General Merrick Garland. He was appointed by President Joe Biden. Lettman–Hicks didn't respond to an email Wednesday morning requesting comments on the indictment. Court records show that she surrendered to FBI at 11 am last week. She is now officially eligible to run for District 8 state House seat. Gillum was seen in Tallahassee's federal courtroom on Wednesday afternoon. His navy suit and tie were clashing with his handcuffs at his wrists‚ and his ankles. Lettman–Hicks was handcuffed near Gillum and was in a wheelchair. Before he pleaded not guilty before U.S. Magistrate Judge Charlie Stampelos‚ Gillum was seen sitting cross-legged on his lap. After the hearing‚ Lettman–Hicks did not respond to journalists. Indictment claims that Gillum‚ Lettman–Hicks diverted campaign contributions and donations to organizations under their control to personal accounts in violation state and federal laws. According to the indictment‚ Gillum‚ Lettman–Hicks‚ and others‚ defrauded a unnamed megadonor‚ who donated $150‚000 from the $250‚000 Gillum received to his campaign for governor. The indictment charges Gillum and LettmanHicks with diverting $250‚000 from Gillum's campaign account to an unnamed entity they control. According to the prosecution‚ Gillum and Lettman-Hicks sent $100‚000 to Gillum’s Forward Florida campaign account. Through a fraud agreement with an unnamed organisation‚ the rest of the money was transferred to Lettman–Hicks’ marketing company‚ P P Communications. According to indictment‚ the organization paid P P for a voter education program. According to the indictment‚ P P received $132‚500 from Individual F to fund his campaign contribution. This money was then paid to Lettman Hicks and Gillum.

More funds allegedly diverted

Gillum and Lettman–Hicks are also accused of transferring $60‚000 from Gillum For Governor campaign account to P P. The indictment says that Lettman–Hicks used the money to make six $5‚000 payments each to Gillum’s personal account. Four payments were designated as an end-of-year bonus. Gillum was also accused by the prosecution of having received personal benefits from an organization. He created in 2016 : The Campaign to Defend Local Solutions‚ Gillum stated‚ was created to counter Republican attempts to overthrow local governments. Gillum informed donors that he had raised $250‚000 for an organizer and media company. The National Black Justice Coalition was a non-profit run by Lettman–Hicks. Gillum accepted the funds. The Campaign to Defend Local Solutions received $100‚000 from two different organisations. However‚ prosecutors claimed that Lettman-Hicks took $50‚000 to her marketing company and paid Gillum the majority of it. Gillum is further indicted in the indictment. He was a nationally popular progressive darling in his campaign for Florida governor in 2018‚ when he won a historic upset to become the Democratic nominee. Even though that was the case‚ there were news reports that Gillum had been arrested. The FBI investigated his activities as mayor of Tallahassee. Gillum was still in the news‚ even as an analyst on CNN‚ after he lost his governor's race. Police responded to an overdose report in March 2020 and discovered Gillum in South Beach with three other men‚ as well as the bags of crystal meth‚ in a hotel room. At the time‚ no arrests were made. Shortly after‚ gillum came out as bisexual and announced he would be going to rehabilitation facilities he was a victim of alcohol abuse. Since then‚ he has lived an essentially private life.

No bail was granted‚ however they were able to speak with each other.

Stampelos released Gillum and LettmanHicks without posting bail at Wednesday's hearing. However‚ he told them that they couldn't speak to each other. Lettman–Hicks’ attorney‚ a federal civil defender‚ revealed that the two of them still worked for a foundation in which they could speak. It was not identified. Gillum's lawyer assured federal prosecutors that they had only communicated with the foundation primarily via email. Stampelos stated that we all care about the money going around. Both of you are adults. This case is not something you can discuss. Gillum and Lettman–Hicks were released. Gillum is innocent and we are looking forward to the not-guilty verdicts after trial‚" Todd Yoder Gillum's lawyer said afterwards.