: Deshaun Watson new deal with Browns worth $230 million

Friday, March 18, 2022
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A five-year‚ $230 million deal for Deshaun Watson has been reportedly reached between the Cleveland Browns and the free-agent wide receiver. The contract will be 'all guaranteed'‚ according to a report by Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer. The trade involves Watson and a 2024 fifth-round NFL draft pick. The Texans send the Browns four first-round picks in '22‚ '23‚ '24‚ and '25.' The Texans also send the Browns a fourth-round pick in 2024. Watson will get a five-year deal with the Browns that is worth $230 million. This deal is the highest-paid five-year contract in NFL history‚ and will set a record for the most guaranteed money in NFL history. The trade was made after Watson reportedly waived his no-trade clause and agreed to join the Browns in exchange for three first-round picks‚ a third-round pick‚ and a fifth-round pick. The contract is fully guaranteed through 2026. The deal is a win-win for the Cleveland Browns and Deshaun Watson. The three-time Pro Bowler was linked to the Atlanta Falcons‚ New Orleans Saints‚ and the Carolina Panthers‚ but he chose the Browns‚ with their two-year offer of $185.5 million. The Browns also received three first-round picks and two additional picks in the deal. The new contract is a long-term commitment for Deshaun Watson. The contract will be worth $230 million and will last five years. The salary will be fully guaranteed‚ meaning that it is impossible to lose money on the contract. Assuming the deal works out‚ the Browns will likely have no trouble finding a home for the free-agent wideout. That means no more waiting for a franchise player to be acquired. According to Bleacher Report‚ Deshaun Watson has waived his no-trade clause in order to sign a new contract with the Cleveland Browns. The deal is worth $230 million over five years and includes a guaranteed $12M salary for the first four years. However‚ it is unclear whether this is the best deal for the quarterback in the NFL‚ but it is a good one. The news of Watson's new deal with the Browns has stunned the football world. The Texans reportedly traded three first-round picks to the Browns in exchange for Watson. The Texans also acquired four fourth-round picks. The Texans also reportedly gave the Texans two first-round picks in exchange for the quarterback. The Texans were able to keep their own quarterback after the trade. Neither side was willing to make that happen‚ but the Texans remained hopeful that they would land the free agent they wanted. The contract is the largest in NFL history‚ and is also the longest in terms of guaranteed money.

deshaun watson new deal with browns worth 230 million
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The two sides also agreed to send the Houston Texans three first-round picks as compensation. But this isn't a bad deal. However‚ it does raise questions about Watson's future with the Cleveland Browns. The contract is guaranteed for five years‚ with the last two years being a year or two. After working out with his agent for several months‚ the Browns have finally reached an agreement on a deal for the young star. The two sides are expected to finalize a trade‚ and the Texans would get four or five first-round picks as compensation. While the Texans would not trade Baker Mayfield for a second-round pick‚ the Texans are willing to give him a second-round pick. After receiving a two-year offer from the Texans‚ Watson has chosen the Browns. The team is paying him $230 million in total‚ setting a record for the highest guaranteed amount in NFL history. The Texans had offered a deal to the former Atlanta quarterback but he turned down the offer. The Browns made the Texans' offers because the Texans had no guarantees‚ but he wanted to be with the Browns.