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Sunday, May 8, 2022
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Dmitry Bivol Shocks the World to Upset Canelo Alvarez

Dmitry Bivol shocked the world by beating Canelo Alvarez in a high-profile boxing match on DAZN. Here are some key details about the strategy Dmitry Bivol used to upset the world's best fighter. Read on to discover his signs of fatigue. Also‚ watch out for Bivol's jab‚ which is often a sign of an upcoming fight.

Dmitry Bivol shocks world to upset Canelo Alvarez

Canelo Alvarez will look to make his legacy a reality in the T-Mobile Arena on Saturday night‚ but if he can beat Dmitry Bivol‚ he should have no problem. After bulldozing through the super middleweight division‚ the undefeated heavyweight is moving up to 175 pounds to face a true champion. A victory over Alvarez was the biggest upset in recent history‚ as the Russian stunned the world by claiming the WBA light heavyweight title in the process. The loss to Alvarez‚ who is a top contender in the division‚ has a rematch clause. Alvarez was scheduled to fight Gennady Golovkin on September 17‚ but now has an opponent other than Alvarez. The WBA light heavyweight title remains in the hands of the Russian‚ and he shocked everyone by edging Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez on Saturday night. The victory earned Bivol a perfect record of 20-0‚ and it stunned the army of fans in Mexico. The victory was a unanimous decision‚ as all three judges scored the bout 115-113. The bout remained a thriller from the start‚ with the ring position battle playing a crucial role in deciding the outcome. Bivol landed uppercuts and a slew of punches on the champion. The Russian had the better of the first four rounds‚ and the second half of the fight was dominated by his trademark jab. However‚ the fifth round was the most exciting and impressive‚ as he pushed Alvarez to the ropes and landed a barrage of punches on the Argentine. Canelo is going on offense‚ trying to force Bivol onto the ropes. Bivol continues to bully Canelo. The Argentine is looking dejected. Bivol lands a right hand in the final round‚ but the world isn't ready to admit defeat. Bivol has a good defensive record‚ but Canelo's head speed is still the most impressive aspect of this fight. Canelo Alvarez is now a two-weight world champion‚ a feat that has been unthinkable for him. Bivol‚ the Russian‚ was the undisputed world champion before the fight. He was outclassed throughout the fight‚ but he was not beaten. The Argentine's unbeaten record is now protected and his reputation will continue to rise. After a year of mediocre results‚ Canelo Alvarez has been chasing a new title. His unbeaten record is worth over a million dollars‚ so a loss tonight is a huge boost for his career. He is also on the verge of getting his next title fight. Bivol has been working toward this fight for years‚ and he knows what to expect from this rematch. Canelo Alvarez is a world-class boxer‚ but the Russian had little trouble knocking him out. In addition to hitting Canelo with body shots‚ he landed 61 punches to Canelo's 10. Canelo did a better job of working Canelo's head with his jab‚ but he still failed to land the knockout blow in the fourth round.

Strategy used by Dmitry Bivol to beat Canelo Alvarez

The strategy used by Dmitry Bivol to upset the undefeated Canelo Alvarez will likely be to keep him on the ropes and avoid being countered. Bivol is very difficult to counter because he is so quick. Tim Bradley is worried about Canelo staying on the ropes. However‚ the strategy is not as straightforward as it sounds‚ as Bivol will be throwing a lot of one-twos and putting his hands up to block any counter shots. In the penultimate round‚ Bivol took control‚ landing several punches to the face and body of Alvarez. He even carried him briefly on his back‚ but this was a pointless attempt. Regardless‚ Bivol's jab won the round. The judges scored the fight 115-113 for Bivol. The two sides argued on the scorecard‚ but both sides agreed that the victory was deserved. Bivol continues to land right after right‚ but is still being outmatched by Alvarez's power. Canelo Alvarez scores with a right‚ but then Bivol responds with a combo of his own. It's an excellent start to the fight and the crowd's support is invaluable in the ring. However‚ after a few rounds‚ Bivol was still too slow to get the knockout and the fight was stopped. Throughout the fight‚ Canelo's uppercut and jab landed well‚ and he moved forward against Bivol. In the second quarter‚ Canelo tries to power back into the fight with a blitz of punches‚ but his only action was the occasional power punch. In the second half‚ Canelo's attacks are limited to a few quick combinations. Canelo Alvarez's fans were enthralled by the fight‚ but it wasn't easy for Alvarez to win. Alvarez was the WBA light heavyweight champion‚ but Bivol used the same strategies as him to upset Canelo. He showed that even the sexy super middleweight can be outboxed and out-thought. Dmitry Bivol is a Russian who lives in St Petersburg and carries a Russian passport. In addition to his Russian nationality‚ Bivol has also expressed his disdain for Golovkin. Alvarez has even considered challenging Oleksandr Usyk in a future fight. That said‚ he has no other choice but to face Bivol. Canelo Alvarez is widely regarded as the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world‚ having held championships in four different weight classes. However‚ he lost to Floyd Mayweather Jr. in 2013 and was unable to defeat Dmitry Bivol to keep his WBC (Super) light heavyweight title. Despite being the underdog‚ Bivol improved to 20-0‚ and his chin and biceps were swollen. The strategy used by Dmitry Bivol to upset the Canelo Alvarez was a combination of jabs and uppercuts. Neither fighter landed a knockout‚ but the combination he landed against Canelo's body lands a left and right‚ closing the fight. The real judges are Steve Weisfeld‚ Tim Cheatham‚ and Dave Moretti. A third judge scored the fight 115-113‚ making it a controversial decision.

Signs of fatigue in Dmitry Bivol

Dmitry Bivol's victory over Saul Alvarez on Saturday was one of the most anticipated bouts of 2018. The welterweight champion dominated the fight‚ scoring an impressive 119-109 victory. Bivol out-boxed his opponent and looked nearly human throughout the fight‚ leaving Canelo to wonder if he's losing his edge. Bivol will be looking to get his second consecutive title fight‚ but if he's not‚ he can't be a good candidate. Dmitry Bivol has been in the ring for almost a year‚ but he has only recently fought Canelo Alvarez once. Canelo Alvarez‚ the undisputed champion last year‚ came into the fight as the overwhelming favourite. However‚ he proved to be too strong for Dmitry Bivol at the T-Mobile Arena. The Russian defended his WBA (Super) light-heavyweight belt and went undefeated. Canelo Alvarez‚ meanwhile‚ is not even committed to a rematch. Bivol was able to win his last fight despite being outmatched by Alvarez. The fight was scored 115-113 for Bivol‚ and the judges agreed on this score. Bivol's ringside performance and accuracy made him the clear winner. He retained his WBA light-heavyweight title by unanimous decision. However‚ there were signs of fatigue in Dmitry Bivol. If you feel that your fighter is losing his edge‚ it's time to retire.