Doctor Strange actor Zara Phythian and husband accused of

Friday, April 29, 2022
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Doctor Strange Actress Zara Phythian and Her Husband Victor Marke Accused of Sexual Abuse

The wife of the 'Doctor Strange' actor is being accused of sexual abuse. She told authorities that she and her husband‚ Victor Marke‚ were involved in a sexual relationship between 13 and 15. During this time‚ Zara Phythian allegedly abused Marke‚ who was then just fifteen years old. She is alleged to have recorded the abuse. Phythian's lawyer has denied the allegations.

Zara Phythian played Brunette Zealot in Doctor Strange

Phythian first became known as the sorcerer Brunette Zealot in the 2016 film Doctor Strange. She previously was a member of the Masters of the Mystic Arts‚ but she decided to join the Zealots and bring an interdimensional being called Dormammu to Earth. However‚ the actress has since been accused of sexual abuse and is facing 14 charges. Before getting into the acting business‚ Phythian was an accomplished martial artist. Her early career included competing in 4 US National belt titles and was employed as an entertainer in the US. Phythian is known for her distinct look and a diverse set of abilities. In addition to Doctor Strange‚ she has also appeared in a number of other films. She is currently working on her next project‚ a drama titled Unit 19. After a career in the martial arts‚ Phythian married her taekwondo master Victor Marke and started acting. She has a number of film credits‚ most of which are small budget‚ unknown flicks. She has also been accused of child abuse. Her husband has a history of sexual assault‚ and their trial is ongoing. However‚ Phythian vowed to fight for her rights in the case. After securing her part in Doctor Strange‚ Phythian became an international star. Originally from Nottingham‚ she had a varied career as a martial arts expert and stunt double. She also starred in several films‚ including Furor: Rage of the Innocents‚ The Summer of the Massacre‚ and Landlord: Time to Pay Rent. Her husband‚ Victor Marke‚ is an accomplished martial artist and a martial arts teacher who has won many awards.

Victor Marke is a Taekwondo coach

A woman accuses her husband‚ Victor Marke‚ of sexually abusing her when she was a teenager. The actress‚ who played Doctor Strange‚ was about thirteen and Marke was about twenty. The abuse was said to have occurred between 2002 and 2006‚ and the woman was a role model for a 13-year-old girl. According to the accuser‚ Marke made a threat to her that no one would believe her if she reported the abuse. The allegations came to light when a 13-year-old girl filed a lawsuit against Marke‚ a Taekwondo instructor who coached the actress. The woman described the abuse as an act of physical enslavement and says the actress plied her with rum and filmed some encounters. The actor and his wife have denied the charges. The film also revealed Victor Marke's involvement in the alleged sexual abuse. The couple was married in May of 2016 and have two children. They had a son named Zara in 2014‚ and Marke was the one to help Zara train. The actor was arrested for the crime‚ but Marke has denied the accusation. Marke is a self-confessed martial arts instructor and a former stuntman. The charges against Marke and Phythian's husband were filed after the actress's alleged victim was unable to stop talking about the alleged abuse. Although Phythian's character in the film is not believed to be guilty‚ her husband is accused of sexually abusing a teenage girl. The accusations against Victor Marke are serious. He is currently on trial in Nottingham Crown Court on 14 charges of sexual misconduct with a minor.

Phythian allegedly abused victim from the age of 13 to 15

Victor Marke and Zara Phythian are facing 14 counts of sex abuse and grooming a minor. Both Phythian and Marke are married to the same woman‚ who is accused of having sex with a 13-year-old girl. The victim told police that she had sexual intercourse with Pythian from 2005 to 2008. She claimed to have looked up to the martial arts instructor because she had beaten her sister in a martial arts competition. Both Marke and Phythian had jobs in the movie industry‚ including in the Marvel movie Captain America: Civil War. They filmed the abuse so that they could use it in pornography. The alleged abuse occurred between 2005 and 2008 when the victim was between the ages of 13 and 15. The alleged victim testified today at Phythian's trial. The victim‚ who was 14 when she was abused‚ said she saw the film as an opportunity to gain fame and respect. However‚ she felt that Zara's popularity was a barrier to her success and a barrier to her own freedom. As a result‚ she decided to speak out. She chose to turn down the chance to tour with her favorite group‚ Diversity‚ and she was also busy defending her martial arts world title in India. The abuse lasted for three years and was filmed for pornographic purposes by her former husband‚ Victor Marke. The actress and her husband have denied the allegations. In the film‚ she played Brunette Zealot alongside Benedict Cumberbatch. Phythian and Marke allegedly abused a 13-year-old girl for nearly two years.

Phythian allegedly filmed Marke's abuse

Phythian was a martial arts instructor who allegedly coached the complainant on sexual activity. Phythian provided alcohol and instructed the woman to have oral sex with Marke. The alleged abuser‚ now in jail‚ also engaged in sexual activity with two other women. Phythian filmed the alleged abuse in order to show Marke the videos. Phythian and Marke were married and allegedly abused the minor from 2005 to 2008. The adult accuser claims that the couple abused the minor by drinking alcohol and filming their sexual encounters. She approached the police to report the alleged abuse and the alleged filming. During one encounter‚ Phythian allegedly asked the victim to perform an act on Marke. The alleged victim is not identified as the woman made the allegations due to the nature of the charges. However‚ the woman has said that she copied Zara's actions. The woman claimed that Zara had a strong influence on her‚ and that she had a 'dream' of being a martial arts instructor. The woman's lawyer said that Zara Phythian's popularity prompted her to make such allegations. The alleged victim is a thirteen-year-old who was abused by Victor Marke and Zara Phythian for three years starting in 2005. The couple allegedly filmed the abuse to recreate scenes from pornography films. The actress starred with Benedict Cumberbatch in the 2016 Marvel blockbuster 'Doctor Strange'. However‚ she and her husband are denied all allegations. The actress has denied the accusations‚ but the allegations are based on a video created by the complainant. The video was made public on the internet on November 5‚ 2017‚ and has not been publicly released. The woman has vowed to file a civil lawsuit against Marke. In the meantime‚ she will have to face the consequences of her actions. And she will be forced to pay the rent.

Phythian denies all charges

The allegations against Doctor Strange actor Zara Phythian are nothing new. The actor was once considered one of the best actresses of her generation. But recent reports suggest that she's under fire for a series of sexual abuse charges. The actor and stuntwoman‚ known for her role as 'Brunette Zealot' in the Marvel comic book series‚ denies all allegations. The accusation alleges that Phythian abused a young woman between 2005 and 2008. The alleged victim was between the ages of thirteen and fifteen when the abuse took place. She said that the actor coached her and manipulated her to engage in oral sex. She also claims that Marke threatened her if she told the police‚ which is untrue. Phythian and Marke were not married at the time of the abuse. The allegations allege that Phythian and her husband engaged in sexual activity with a young teen. Both Phythian and Marke have denied all the charges. Phythian‚ a former martial arts instructor‚ also denies the accusations. She and Marke have other screen credits including Accident Man 2 and The Crown. In addition to Doctor Strange‚ Zara Phythian is currently married to taekwondo master Victor Marke. The actress‚ who was in Doctor Strange‚ with Benedict Cumberbatch‚ denies all charges. Her husband Victor Marke is also facing child sexual activity charges. The actress and her husband filmed some encounters while drinking dark rum. Moreover‚ they allegedly groomed the girl and abused her while she was a teenager. The accusers said that Zara Phythian and Marke also filmed some of the encounters.