Dodgers Trade AJ Pollock To White Sox For Craig Kimbrel

Friday, April 1, 2022
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As you may not know‚ the Dodgers have traded AJ Pollock to the White Sox in exchange for Craig Kimbrel. This is a major trade for the Dodgers. The former closer was already on the trading block‚ but the Dodgers are bringing in a veteran. They will now have more options in the late innings. The Dodgers' bullpen was lacking a reliable shutdown option late in games‚ which Kimbrel would provide. The move also improves the Dodgers' depth chart. In the absence of a reliable closer‚ Los Angeles turned to Kimbrel‚ an eight-time All-Star with an ERA of 2.26 in 63 games. He struck out 42.3% of batters‚ which is better than his ERA in the past few seasons. The Dodgers were also able to acquire Kimbrel because they are short on bullpen depth. Although he's a lefty‚ he can also play center field. This trade has the potential to make the Dodgers even better. AJ Pollock's contract is expiring after 2020. The White Sox will have to decide whether they want to keep Kimbrel or move on to another position on the roster. The Dodgers have also added a million dollars in financial commitments with the Pollock trade. The team's luxury ledger will be higher because of the $6.6MM salary the White Sox will save by trading Pollock. They also get Kimbrel's $16MM club option off their books. They can keep Blake Treinen in his preferred fireman role. The Dodgers were willing to make a move for a pitcher who could help them win the World Series. Aside from Kimbrel‚ they also gained a valuable player in AJ Pollock. This trade gives the White Sox a valuable positional asset. A team's closer should be able to pitch in right field. In addition to Pollock‚ the Dodgers will also add a reliever for their rotation. The Dodgers traded Pollock to the White Sox for Craig Kimbrel‚ which is the best player in the deal. But Pollock will cost the Dodgers at least $5 million in salary this season. This is a solid trade for both teams. A.J. Pollock is an All-Star who was expected to be a valuable part of the team in his final years. While the Dodgers have a solid starting rotation‚ Pollock's role will be a different story. The White Sox acquired an outfielder who can be a valuable addition in a few different roles. The Dodgers were also getting rid of a hitter with a contract that had to be restructured. In this case‚ the catcher is worth about $7 million. The Dodgers' biggest goal in the trade was to get a reliever with a solid contract.

dodgers trade aj pollock to white sox for craig kimbrel
Image source : sicom/mlb

The deal will not only provide Kimbrel with a good starting rotation‚ but it will also help the White Sox save money. The trade will also help the Dodgers shed some salary. They will have more money in the end after this trade. But this is a big trade that will help the White Sox in the long run. In the end‚ the trade was a big win for the Dodgers. They have cleared their payroll and have a healthy bullpen that will be a major plus for them. In addition‚ they have a good bullpen that will be a good fit for the White Sox. There are two main reasons why the White Sox moved Kimbrel to Chicago. The first is that the Dodgers wanted to get rid of AJ Pollock before the deadline. The second reason is that they wanted to avoid the luxury tax. The Dodgers have a much larger need for pitching. Although they have one of the best lineups in the league‚ the team is thin in the starting rotation and on the mound. This trade addresses that need while filling the gap in the Dodgers' bullpen. The Dodgers have no money in the trade‚ so the new team can take the salary.