Doja Cat says i quit after tweet-spat with Paraguayan fans

Saturday, March 26, 2022
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The American rapper Doja Cat says he's quitting the music industry after a Twitter spat with his fans. Doja Cat had been scheduled to perform in Paraguay on Tuesday‚ but the event was cancelled due to flooding caused by a major storm. The tweet was a response to those who had tweeted‚ asking Doja to unfollow my Twitter account. While many felt that the tweet was his fault‚ it isn't unusual for musicians to leave the music industry for personal reasons. Doja Cat's fans were furious‚ as their concert was cancelled due to flooding. The tweets he posted about his upcoming show were not only inaccurate and untrue‚ but were also offensive to Paraguayan fans. The rapper's decision to withdraw from the concert was unexpected‚ but fans in Paraguay were understandably disappointed. The incident led to a backlash from Doja Cat's fans‚ who accused her of not being available for fans outside her hotel the next morning. Doja later tweeted to apologize for the misunderstanding and said she'll be better in her next performance at Lollapalooza Brazil. However‚ the rapper's decision to take a break from the music industry didn't sit well with fans in Paraguay. The singer's latest tweet compared her to the MGK rapper. Her new username is 'i quit' and she didn't apologise. Doja's fans wanted an apology‚ but she didn't. To ease their frustration‚ the artist urged fans to unfollow her. Doja has not yet responded to the criticism. Doja Cat changed her Twitter username to i quit still in the wake of her tweet spat with Paraguayan fan Angry. She apologized to the fans for letting her fans down and said she would do better in her next show. In the meantime‚ she's unfollowing her Twitter account. In response to the controversy‚ she redirected followers to a page where she can reply to the fan's messages. Doja Cat's tweets have caused a storm. She didn't apologise‚ but fans are upset with her tweets. In a tense Twitter exchange‚ Doja Cat said: ''I quit've got a lot of friends in the music business‚ but I don't want to let them down. ''It is not right to shut down your career‚ but I can't accept that. The only thing I can do is try and be a better person. Doja Cat's tweets are no longer the same as before. After the Twitter spat with Paraguayan fans‚ she changed her twitter handle to i quit still. She didn't want people to believe her‚ so she asked them to unfollow her.

doja cat says i quit after tweet spat with paraguayan fans tweet spat
Image source : ca-timesb

This has caused a rift among fans and the rap star. It isn't the end of the world. The American rapper recently tweeted saying she will stop performing after a tweet spat with Paraguayan and Brazilian fans. She did not apologise to the fans‚ and her followers reacted in anger. Doja's response sparked a Twitter backlash‚ with some paraguayan fans calling her a commodity. While Doja Cat apologized for her lackluster performance in Brazil‚ the Paraguay concert was canceled after a storm ruined the performance. She did not offer any sort of explanation as to why she cancelled the concert. While it is not clear whether she will perform again in Paraguay‚ she has stated that she is not interested in in the country. After a tweet spat with fans in Paraguay‚ Doja Cat has canceled a live performance scheduled for Paraguay. She has been touring South America with The Weeknd. In the tweet‚ she apologized to both her fans and the Paraguayan fans for the cancellation. Doja had previously stated that she would not perform in the country‚ but she later clarified that she was very disappointed with the outcome of the situation.