Doja Cat Says Shes Quitting Music This Sh*t Aint For Me

Sunday, March 27, 2022
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Doja Cat is leaving the music industry. Fans were shocked to hear that she was pulling out of her tour and not interacting with fans outside her hotel. She later said on Twitter that she was embarrassed that fans were calling her sexist and racist. She apologized for her poor performance at the Asuncion festival in Paraguay‚ and promised to do better on Friday. The decision to quit music came after a recent clash between Doja Cat and her fans. She was criticized for not communicating with fans and canceling her Paraguay show. Her tweets after the controversy were deleted. The artist was due to perform at the Asuncionico 2022 - Music Festival Wizard in Paraguay‚ but had to cancel it after the weather turned stormy. Doja Cat was reportedly threatened to cancel the show. It's unclear what prompted Doja Cat to cancel her show‚ but she was forced to apologise to her fans. Fans also questioned her lack of respect for her fans‚ especially after announcing that she is quitting music. The singer's concert in Paraguay‚ where she had scheduled a performance‚ was canceled because of flooding. In addition‚ she didn't appear for photo shoots with fans in Paraguay‚ but did not post any pictures of herself. Her performance is still scheduled to take place at the Lollapalooza in Brazil in April‚ but she has not yet responded to a HuffPost inquiry. After the storms‚ Doja Cat has cancelled her tour in Paraguay. The singer's performance was cancelled after the weather became unfavorable. Despite the storm‚ Doja Cat deleted her tweets. The musician's concert was also cancelled due to severe weather conditions. The band's music was harmed by the floods and the heavy rains in the South American country. Doja Cat has tweeted that music is dead. The singer has not responded to the criticism but did not respond to an interview with XXL. Apparently‚ the reason behind the cancellation was that the storm in Paraguay was too severe for her to leave her show. She did not mention fans in her tweets‚ which has led to many rumors. On March 22‚ Doja Cat announced she was cancelling her Paraguay show. She deleted her tweets and deleted her account. She said she had to cancel her concert due to the weather in Paraguay. A major storm also affected the show. Doja Cat's Twitter posts were removed‚ but she did not reply to questions. This situation has led to a backlash from her fans. Doja Cat's Twitter account has since been suspended‚ and fans are blaming the singer for not responding to their fans.

doja cat says shes quitting music this sh t aint for me
Image source : etonlinec

She's not the first artist to experience deranged fandom‚ but this time‚ it's an unfortunate time for her. She has been scheduled to perform at the Grammys in April‚ but she has pulled out due to the storm. The tweet was published nine hours after Doja Cat landed in Haiti. This incident has led to a backlash from fans‚ who believe she is not addressing their concerns. Doja Cat has since retweeted this tweet‚ but she hasn't responded to fans in person. In fact‚ she hasn't even responded to her critics. Doja Cat's Twitter account was shut down after fans in Paraguay criticized her for not posting her concert from the country. Fans have flooded her hotel‚ and she's also not posting pictures. Her followers are snatching her everywhere she goes‚ so she's had to cancel her set. In the meantime‚ she's still scheduled to perform at the Lollapalooza festival in Brazil. The controversy has been affecting Doja Cat's career since the release of her album Planet Her. Doja Cat has been reportedly ignoring fans outside her hotel while announcing her decision to quit the music industry. The rapper has since posted several videos of herself on her Instagram Live video channel. Doja Cat's rants have since been deleted from the platform.