Dolly Parton declines Rock Hall nomination: I dont feel Ive earned

Tuesday, March 15, 2022
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Dolly Parton has declined several honors in the past‚ including a presidential Medal of Freedom awarded by former U.S. President Donald Trump. She had also requested that lawmakers table a bill enshrining her likeness in a statue on Tennessee's State Capitol grounds. However‚ she is not the only country singer to decline awards. Carly Simon‚ Eminem‚ and Felti were all recently named nominees for the Hall. Despite her acclaim and fame‚ Dolly Parton has declined several awards and honours. She turned down a bill to build a statue of herself in Tennessee. And she declined to accept a Presidential Medal of Freedom‚ an honor she has been denied twice. The reason for her decision was the COVID-19 pandemic‚ which has forced her to stay home in the United States. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame requires nominees to have their first commercial record 25 years ago.

dolly parton declines rock hall nomination i dont feel ive earned nomination
Image source : cdnphupi

Several other country stars have been inducted. Dolly Parton has received many awards and accolades throughout her career‚ but she has declined two of them. She was also denied the Presidential Medal of Freedom twice‚ due to travel restrictions. This year's award comes just a few days after she turned down a bill to build a statue of herself in Tennessee.