Dont die on me, i need you! % calls are no excuse why the st. Johns man shot his neighbour, and then killed himself

Saturday, May 21, 2022
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911 Calls and the 911 Dispatcher Responds

When a neighbor hears gunshots, he runs outside to get the police. The neighbor, who saw a man with a gun, described the man as a gray T-shirt and an older man with a hat. The neighbor also noticed a body in the backyard, so he calls 911. The 911 dispatcher responds. The caller, the second neighbor, and the police officer both arrive at the scene.

Chavez The sad chapter that began with three % calls made on May 14, 2003 is populated by the following: Anthony Carl Chavez's son performs CPR on his father in a frenetic fashion in front of their Servia Drive house in St. Johns County. Tony Tony Tony! Don't die on me. He can be heard shouting as the % dispatcher type and sirens sound. They're coming. Dont die on me, I need you! A second % call comes from a scared neighbor, who just locked herself in her house after seeing an older male waving a gun at her as he walks out of the cul de-sac. She told a dispatcher that he had been known to pull out his gun multiple times before. He was walking towards his home from the cul de-sac with a few others. He was holding the gun in one hand. Officers of the law enforcement force dating: Hillsborough County officers killed in possible stabbing-suicide at St. Augustine vacation house Ex-husband pulls the trigger: Jacksonville Police identify mother and daughter as victims in double murder-suicide case The third chapter is where a man informs a dispatcher about a neighbor's death in their backyard. "My neighbor shot himself," the caller said, while sirens were wailing behind him. That's how it looks. He is in the rear, on the lawn.

Senseless violence

It doesn't give much information about the circumstances that led to Saturday's shootings on the suburban road near St. Johns Parkway. According to the report, a gun was discovered near Jose Alberto Melendez's body. Court records show that neither man has any criminal history. Action News Jax was told by Chavez's family that he did not even know them. Melendez was out walking his dog while Chavez and Gabriel Thoma were working on the car at the cul de-sac. They were staring at him, but it was short and Thoma said that he did not think about it. The older man came over to Chavez and spoke with him, then pulled out his gun. Thoma said that Chavez had only time to respond "Whoa" before being shot twice more. Melendez began shooting at Thoma. He ran behind a vehicle and called % to try to save his dad. Domestic violence: After months of investigations, death of Jacksonville couple was ruled as murder-suicide Another murder-suicide: Sheriff's Office issues IDs for two victims of a St. Johns County shooting First Coast News was informed by a Servia Drive neighbour that there had been some drama, or at least arguments over there. He didn't have any details. In a GoFundMe appeal for funeral expenses Jessica Chavez said that her husband was a very loving man and that everyone who knew him well understood that he had an enormous heart. The terrible incident occurred unexpectedly. It was a horrible act of violence.

On %, there is despair and death

After the shootings at Chavez, and Melendez minutes later, the % calls show a dramatic scene. Thoma performs CPR on Chavez and immediately informs the dispatcher that he was shot two times. Thoma says that he is an EMT student who tried to save Chavez. Please, I need to be here as soon as possible. He says. The shooter is identified as a male who lives on the same street, he says. He says that it looks like we have passed his home, and then he turns his attention back to Chavez. After being shot in his back and sides, he claims he's not breathing. Tony, stay alive, you're with me," he says, and then addresses the dispatcher. Come, please. Workplace shooting: Missing-booked: Suspect in an attempted murder-suicide in Jacksonville's Amazon facility Mother, father, and twins were killed by their grandfather Police in Jacksonville identify the victims of a murder-suicide which left four people dead and one in critical condition. He is told by the dispatcher that help will be arriving as soon as possible. She reassures him and tells him to keep CPR going. He responds "I got this," and tells the dispatcher that the gunman returned to his home. The dispatcher asks him again if he's an EMT student who just graduated. The young man is trying to breath, and he relays his struggle to do so. He then speaks to Chavez once more, encouraging him to keep alive. I won't let you die. They won't kill me, the call ends as he states that the cops are here. After the body of Jose Melendez was found there, investigators from St. Johns County Sheriff's Office gathered behind Jose Melendezs house on Servia Drive. After hearing loud sounds, the neighbor woman fills out more details. She saw the neighbor who lived a few doors below her with an old gun he had displayed previously. Caller described the gunman as an older man wearing a gray T-shirt and a cap. He made eye contact with her then started walking her path. She ran to her house and dialled %. She says that someone in the cul de sac p ****ed him off. Teens dead: Sheriff's Office publishes details about possible Ponte Vedra murdersuicide Upon further review: Ponte Vedra double-shooting is no longer considered murder-suicide According to her, she saw another man who was believed to be the original % caller. He seemed very scared and was apparently also calling for police help. After the initial two calls, first responders arrive and the third neighbor dials % to report the death in Melendez's backyard. The neighbor tells dispatcher that no one is present and that it does not appear the man is breathing. The caller then hears another person speaking to him, and they both respond, "Oh, he shot himself." The gun is there, the dispatcher tells anyone who has entered the yard. There's lots of talking, as well, so the dispatcher attempts to find out more. The cops are there! I'm going to go. The caller tells me before the call ends. [email protected], (904) 359-4549 Original publication: Florida Times-Union % calls in St. Johns murdered-suicide among neighbors released